Signs from the Other Side

When loved ones cross to the other side, the loss can be made easier by being able to communicate with them. The challenge is recognizing their attempts to communicate. They do so with signs. Signs can come in many forms; a song, a bird, something that someone says.

The challenge is accepting a sign for what it is rather than thinking it is something you have made up in your head. The best way that know to do that is to establish a form of dialogue … like a language between you and your loved one. Since my brother’s passing 4 years ago, I’ve been doing that … but I didn’t realize it until this past week. Over the years we have established a series of signs that he uses to communicate. It’s something that we can all do, and we don’t have to be psychic to do it. Here’s an example of a dialogue, with my brother, that occurred this past week.

The Butterfly Reply

Keith balloonsEach year I release balloons on JonKeith’s angelversary. This past July 27th was the fourth one. I went to the store to get one of those big helium balloons, intent of getting one shaped like a sign. One of the signs JonKeith uses is the sun, as in sunshine, or the song, “Sunshine on My Shoulders” by John Denver. But this time the store was out of that balloon.

Scanning the huge display I looked for another that represented a sign that JonKeith had used. All I could find was a large butterfly balloon. This was a stretch because JonKeith had not yet used a butterfly; only things that had wings and flew. (eagles, hawks, jets)

Feeling a little disappointed, I purchased the balloon along with two plain ones and left the store. Writing out a note, I folded and attached it to the string of the main balloon.

I usually release the balloons around 6pm, the time of day that I sense he ended his life. I can’t say for sure because he died by suicide and many months passed before we recovered his remains. I had intended to take one of the dogs with me this time but trying do release balloons in the heat, combined with windy conditions, while managing a dog were more than I wanted to handle. So I went alone.

Releasing the balloons as ask my brother to let me know that he got them, along with the note. I stood and watched for several minutes as they floated higher and higher then blew out of sight carried on a strong gust of wind.

His reply came the next morning … as a series of signs that read like a dialogue. Here is how they arrived.

Driving onto the main road from the thrift store, the song, “Dog and the Butterfly” by Heart began playing on my I Pod. I had gone there to donate some of JonKeith’s shirts that I had kept. It was only a few days prior that I felt I could finally let them go. I had put them in my car with the intention of taking them to thrift store the next time I had errands in that area. That morning, as I was backing out of my driveway, I got the idea to drop them off … it was way out of my way.

Now, that song rarely comes up on my I Pod, in fact, I had not heard for several months. I looked up to the sky and smiled. I knew it was JonKeith’s way of telling me he saw the balloon–and knew I had intended to take one of the dogs.

Singing along to the music I drove to the grocery store. As I turned in, a truck the exact color and make of JonKeith’s was sitting at the light not 4 feet from me. To say it was practically in my face was an understatement! I let out a big laugh and said out loud, “Okay, that was a really good one!” I took that sign as him making sure I knew the song was from him. I swore I could hear him chuckling.

There were two signs that I didn’t immediately recognize. The first one was the shirts. He wanted me to know that he was glad I was letting go of them. The second sign was the name of the band, Heart. In the note I wrote, “I hold you in my heart, you are my heart.”

In less than 10 minutes I had received 5 signs from my brother; a message in the form of a dialogue of signs that let me know that he received my gift and appreciated it. And he loves me and holds me in his heart as well.

In closing, it doesn’t take being a medium or having any psychic ability to establish a dialogue with your loved ones. It takes having trust, patience and faith.


One thought on “Signs from the Other Side

  • October 12, 2016 at 4:52 am

    I did love this. I lost my 28 yo daughter through suicide 12
    years ago on 10/16/16. Just lately I have felt grieved. The more
    I got sensitive to Spirit the more I felt it. She learned German at
    school and used to call me Modes in moments of relaxation. No
    story there, just remembering. I’m going to try and put what you
    wrote into practice. I’ve never used that word before; I’d say “she
    went for a walk over the paddochs and didn’t come back”. Which
    was true but you said it so naturally you communicated it to me
    and so it began to free me. Thank you ? .

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