Higher Perspective on Cecil the Lion

Cecil, the Lion

When consciousness shifting events occur, they rise like a wave and sweep across the world like a storm. We are witnessing such a storm in the death of a majestic lion named Cecil.

Such events beg the question, why? Why did this lion need to die? And, is there a higher purpose in his death.

In today’s message I share the 9D Nibiruans’ answers to those all-important questions.

Ascension Plateau

There is a phenomenon known as ascension plateauing. It occurs when, as we move upward in consciousness, we hit reach a point at which we are unable to move forward. What is needed is a boost, something that will create a wave of energy that propels us forward. But what kind of energy is needed? The kind of energy needed is compassion, unconditional compassion. Why compassion? Good question!

Compassion is the one energy that nullifies polarity. Synonymous with the number 9, the spiral of creation, it is the zeropoint, the Void. What this means for ascension is that energies that are polarized can be nullified therefore making them unusable. Think negative energy being rendered unusable.

The New Global Financial System

It is my understanding that as we move forward in the ascension process, we are creating a new reality at the same time. Within this new reality are all the systems we will need to carry on as a society. One of those systems will be financial system, one that will allow us to trade goods and services on a global level.

Right now the old guard, the Powers that Be (PTB) are working to create a new financial system but one that would serve them instead of us. As we learn in the ascension process, new systems of a higher nature are borne as offshoots of 3D systems being developed. You could liken it to spiritual high-jacking. In other words, though the PTB intend to use the new system to further enslave us, due to our consciousness shifting efforts, enough powerful people (the Good Guys) involved will take it in another direction.

The Sacrifice

From what I was shown by the Nibiruans, creation of the new financial system had reached a stalemate. The PTB and the Good Guys were at an impasse and neither one could move forward. What was needed was a boost … for either side. That is where Cecil came in.

The symbol of a lion lives within our consciousness as one of strength, power and majesty. They remind us of our own strength, power and dignity. To have them ruthlessly hunted and killed for nothing more than trophy to boost the ego of man is well–beyond unconscionable. We are all belittled by the indignity of this senseless act.

The wave of outrage and demand for positive change that swept the planet was the energy boost the Good Guys needed to break the stalemate. The new financial system will unfold but with the higher offshoot. Those who are ready to take advantage of it will have the opportunity to do so. But there is more…

The Future

It is my understanding that we will see quick progress in the unfolding of the new financial system, but we will also see changes in other areas as well. Why? Because our attention has been refocused to what is really important. I’m not speaking of the ascension-minded, I’m speaking of all humanity. Many have been so caught up in the latest fashions, the latest cell phones or the doings of celebrities that they’ve turned a blind eye to the suffering around us.

Cecil’s senseless and undignified death pulled attention away and redirected it where it needed to be. Now with more of humanity focused on what really matters will we see many of the changes manifest that we have been wanting. For example, we will see major changes in areas such as banning puppy mills, animals in circuses and aquariums (Orcas), and of course trophy hunting. The reason we will see rapid change is that people will get behind these movements and support the campaigns.

As a planet we needed to step up in these areas as they are part of the new level of ascension we are trying to reach. At this level we move closer to becoming the peacekeepers of the universe, our divine destiny. Thanks to Cecil, we now have the strength. The higher purpose has been fulfilled.