Self-Love–the Gift of the Inner Child

The movement to connect people with their guides continues. As I did in previous weeks’ messages, I’m providing an update on the most often discussed topics. The reason for these updates is to gain clarity as to why the guides have asked for this. Here is what was most often discussed during this past week.

Self-Love–the Gift of the Inner Child

One of the most memorable sessions this week was Joan (not her real name). Shocked, devastated and terribly confused, Joan was struggling to understand why Jim, the man she loved so much, the one that she felt so connected to, had suddenly left. This decision came on the heels of recent declarations of love and plans for having a baby, something Jim had said he really wanted.

What made it even more painful was that Jim didn’t leave Joan for another woman; he left her for a child, a son that he recently discovered he had fathered years earlier. (It’s one thing to be angry about being left for another woman, but where do you go with the anger over being left for a child?)

And it was not the first time that Jim had ended their relationship, he had left several times. It quickly became clear to me that this one was of those long, drawn-out painful on-off relationships, you know, the kind that create such agony that you think you are going to die from the pain.

Joan told me that the most painful part of Jim leaving was missing how she felt when she was with him. Joan said that when Jim was around, she felt so alive and had so much fun, creative energy and drive. Joan also said she never felt more alive. Consequently, the emptiness she felt now was in sharp contrast to the fullness and joy she had known. It was the emptiness coupled with the pain of abandonment that was the hardest to endure.

Once Joan had explained the situation, I called in her guides for answers. They were quick to respond having been waiting for my request. I was shown that the reason Joan felt such pain over Jim was that this was an ancient connection. (Souls always remember who they love). As for the situation, (Jim leaving her for a child) that was a soul contract they had co created in the Interlife.*

The contract was to learn a lesson about self-love. More specifically, it was about recognizing the difference between self-love and addictive need, or co-dependence.

Joan spoke a lot about the feelings of creativity and passion that she experienced with Jim, feelings she could not seem to muster on her own. I explained to Joan that the reason she felt this way was that when a person abandons their Inner Child, the child responds with feelings of emptiness.

That emptiness is painful and uncomfortable. When we feel it we will automatically do something about it. We look for things that will fill the emptiness. Food, sex, a relationship, work, a hobby, drugs, or rescuing others are common. If the emptiness continues despite our best efforts, we go further, increasing the behavior to the point it becomes an addiction.

Self-love is a powerful thing … it’s a heady experience that is as intense as the feeling we experience when we fall in love. In fact, it is stronger. Self -love is an over-the-top feeling of excitement, joy and happiness, coupled with a feeling of being totally safe, secure and contented. It is more powerful than any drug, that is why I coined it the “Love Drug.”

No wonder we spend in our lives in search of it. But as we seekers have learned, what we attain outside is only a lesser and thus never fully satisfying version of the real thing. We finally come to realize that this powerful feeling can only come from within. There in lies the dilemma … no one has fully explained how to acquire it within … what part of us creates it and what must we do to generate it?

Using the God-conscious principle** I learned from my guides, I explained to Joan that this feeling is generated by the Inner Child. It is the Inner Child’s feelings that he/she feels when wrapped in the warm, soft cocoon of a strong, loving and protective relationship with his/her parent, the Self. The Self is you, the conscious part of you that is reading this message.

Back to Joan, when I explained that the only one who can give us that love drug is our Inner Child and that the lesson here was that she had spent lifetimes trying to get that love from Jim, a love he cannot possibly provide, their relationship, and thus, their struggles, began to make sense.

As for Jim, he continued to leave the relationship and then return when he would be abandoned by the one left Joan for. Joan comforted him making him feel wanted and needed again, but even thought he kept believing it to be true, Joan could not give him the feeling he was looking for. Only his Inner Child could.

By the time our session ended, Joan felt she understood the reason for her relationship along with why Jim had left her for a child. Jim unknowingly was attempting to get the love drug from his son instead of his Inner Child. On that note, I shudder to think of the huge burden he was putting on his son and how that was going to negatively affect their relationship. After years of not knowing who his father is, this boy meets his dad and is immediately given a job to provide a kind of love that he cannot possibly give–because it can only be generated by Jim’s Inner Son/Child.

Joan also now understood that she could only hope to get a lesser version of that love drug with others, and whatever she got would come with a load of pain … as she had witnessed during her turbulent years with Jim.

The solution for Joan was to return to her Inner Child and rebuild that relationship. The reward would be a powerful feelings of joy and contentment coming from an Inner Child who knows that no matter how bad things get, she is safe because she loved.

That’s it for this week. Hope this topic helps.