Being in the Void vs Mission Training Lull

My apologies for all the typos and left over partial text in the previously sent version of this week’s message. Seems I still haven’t figured out the secret to ensuring the latest revision gets published. LOL With that said, here is the correct version.

The movement to connect people with their guides continues. As I did in previous weeks’ messages, I’m providing an update on the most often discussed topics. Here is what was most often discussed during this past week.

Being in the Void vs Mission Training Lull

Several people I spoke with this past week were struggling with being in the Void. What we discovered was that they were in the Void for different reasons. Some where there as a result of waiting for more global changes to take place that would significantly impact their persona lives. But a couple of clients were in the Void for another reason–mission training. I’ll explain.

When moving through the many assignments of an Earth mission it is imperative that we learn how to be comfortable with being in the Void. The reason is that the Void is where we will go after each assignment. Being comfortable with this lull is critical because it allows us to unwind and recharge in preparation for the next assignment. At the same time, with us relaxing in the Void, our guides can work unhindered to prepare our next assignment. Of course this is easier said than done, especially in the beginning because we believe we are supposed to be working all the time. Having nothing to do can be very upsetting making us feel that we are failing because nothing is happening.

Learning to recognize the purpose for a time in the Void not only keeps us from interfering with our guides’ work, it allows us to fully take advantage of the downtime. Our guides know that we are more capable of fulfilling all of the many assignments that will be involved in our mission if we learn how to recharge in between.

Recognizing that they were in the Void for the purposes of mission training enabled the distraught clients to settle down and relax. Their guides, having repeatedly tried to get the message through to them that nothing was wrong, were so relieved! *chuckling*

Missing the Sign of Your Next Step and Why

Sometimes no matter how many times our guides give us signs, we will completely miss them. The reason that we miss them is because of a belief that blinds us to seeing the sign. One of my clients this week was experiencing this very thing.

Cloe, (not her real name) was feeling very restless. She felt the need to move but didn’t know where to go. She felt the need to get a different job but didn’t know where to do that either. At the same time, it seemed that all the “doors” in her current reality were closing. With no clear direction she was at her wits end.

When I tuned in to chat with her guides, I got a clear vision of why this was happening. Though Cloe was repeatedly being given signs, she was missing them because of her belief about a man currently in her life.

This man Alex, (not his real name) was very interested in having Cloe make a commitment to a more serious relationship. This included living together.

The sign she was being given by her Guides was that she was to move to Australia. It just so happens that Alex lives in Australia. Because Cleo was not ready to make this commitment she was ignoring the sign.

I explained to Cloe that moving to Australia did not have to include living with or making a commitment to Alex. But, if she did want to live with Alex, she simply needed to have a talk with him and establish clear agreements so that there were no hidden expectations that could mess things up. That way she would have a chance to get settled and explore her new homeland with someone who knew the area. At the same time the money saved by having a housemate would allow her more time to find a job without being under pressure to take anything that came along.

As further validation, I talked with Cloe’s recently deceased friend, Jason (not his real name). Jason showed me himself as a pirate or sea captain on an old sailing ship. He was standing on the deck peering through the lens of a spyglass. Then he a turned to look at me, and with a big smile on his face he said, “Have a grand adventure!” When I relayed his message to Cloe she knew it was her friend because, as a musician and actor, Jason had been very fond of singing and acting out songs about being a sea captain or pirate. Needless to say, Cloe was very happy that she had that meeting with her guides.

That’s the gist of this week’s work. If these stories ring a bell for you, perhaps the topics are what your guides want to speak about with you.