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The Nibiruans reveal their work to help prepare mankind to face the final challenges that stand between them and their divine destiny as universal peacekeepers. Discover the galactic events whose final days will be replayed on Earth in an effort to achieve a positive outcome by choosing unconditional compassion. Experience the inner workings of a mission and what it really means to fulfill it. Discover your ancient past as the words awaken your “mission codes.” Journey with Jelaila as she discovers the events of our galactic past revealed to her by the Nibiruans.

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“Well Done!!! I just finished reading your Book Two. I can only imagine the discipline and focus it takes to complete something like that … but we know of your tenacity when it comes to completing missions. Your honesty and willingness to be vulnerable will help resonate with hundreds of others. Thank you (fellow) Time-Line Healer for all that you have done in willingness for insuring the completion of this amazing experiment/game.”  – Merrily M.