Phase Two of Mission Restoration Begins

Hi Everyone,

One only has to turn on the news (or log onto the Internet) to see that we have entered the next phase of the Alliance’s (aka the White Hats) plan to save the world that is known as ” The Great Awakening.”  I added the link to the video about this plan because it seems to fit very nicely with the 9D Nibiruan Councils’ efforts (aka Mission Restoration).

For those new to the Nibiruan Council’s work, “Mission Restoration” in the current mission plan being implemented at this time. During the Mission Restoration plan, our work involves creating templates of compassion.  The templates (much like software programs) are essentially new, more integrated (compassionate) responses to events from 4 past human home worlds, events that eventually led to the demise of those planets.  As I explained in Mission Remembered, Book Two, the timelines of those past home worlds are now woven into Earth’s timeline and the events are being replayed.  By having another chance to replay those events, Humanity has another opportunity to “get them right ” this time. In other words, achieve integration.

Like the Alliance’s plan, the 9D Nibiruan’s plan also has phases.  Phase one was “Holding the Neutral Point.”  I took this as creating templates ahead of the events that the Alliance would roll out. Sometimes those templates were created only days, and sometimes less than a day, before the event transpired.   Looking back over the last two years, it was truly awe-inspiring to see that phase play out.  In the end it left me feeling even more confident in the guidance we’ve received.

For the last two years the Alliance has worked to wake up the people, exposing those who do not have the peoples’ best interest at heart.  This is necessary in order to ensure that when it is time to bring justice the people will support it.   As I understand it, the Alliance is now starting that phase.  I believe it is called Justice. Our work also changes as we, too, enter the next phase.  I feel the name for our new phase is Integration.

In this new phase we begin the work of helping people cope with the sometimes shocking and horrible revelations that will be revealed as people are brought to justice.  In order to integrate, we must each find the mirror in the actions and events being revealed.  This will not be easy since most people have never been taught to look inside themselves to see how the actions of another mirror their own behavior.  Yet, it is only by “owning the mirror” recognizing that we have been motivated to act in the same manner (towards our own Inner Child) due to the same fear that we have a chance to feel compassion, and thus, integrate.

So how will we be co creating this next phase?  What will it look like?  At this point it appears it will entail focusing more on the details of emotional clearing and less on the political scene.  We only refer to the politics when it concerns the issue we need to work on next.  There may be templates required in this phase as well but so far it seems it will be about dealing with specific situations that we face in our daily lives.

As people learn the truth about life in this Matrix and how they’ve been “managed,” we may find them getting quite upset.  That is where we come in.  How we respond, what advise we give, may be have far reaching consequences so we want to get it right.  For that we have each other.

Another thing changing in this new phase is the amount of support being offered.  As you know the only thing I’ve been doing the last couple of years is the conference calls, along with a few sessions here and there.  Now, along with the Monday calls, I will begin writing again.  As with the last 20+ years, the articles (now called posts) will be about using the Keys of Compassion and other higher dimensional wisdom to explain how to resolve  real life situations.

Counseling sessions and the Guide Communication training will also be on the forefront, along with the Emotional Clearing Retreats  and possibly Emotional Clearing workshops.  The retreats and workshops will be held here at my home (aka the Council house).

All in all, it looks like we are entering a very exciting and busy time so buckle up my friends.  Talk with you tomorrow night.

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