Passing On, Part 2: A Time of Lessons & Blessings

The ancients have said that this time we are in now would be one of great pain and suffering. One only has to turn on the TV or read the newspaper to know that we are seeing the fulfillment of their words. In the midst of such pain it is easy to loose sight of the goal. As the higher perspective tells us, it takes a catalyst to bring about change and when we make the change we are rewarded with tremendous blessings. Those blessings are the reward, and the goal, of such a period. I experienced the process over the last few months and that’s what I want to share with you in this message.

My family gathered to honor the passing of my beloved father this past weekend. Our family had been separated and torn by the emotional conflicts and resulting trauma of our parents’ 58 year war. Unhealed, my brothers and I carried them forward into our adult lives, repeatedly playing out those conflicts in an unconscious attempt to heal. Our children were subsequently scarred and have since replayed the conflicts in their lives. So it has been generation after generation … until this past weekend.

For the first time in many years my brothers and I came together along with all seven of our children (aka the cousins). It was agreed that the cousins would stay with my brother Tim’s two sons, both of whom lived within 10 minutes. My other siblings and I would stay with Tim.

Except for sleeping, most of our time together was spent congregating at Tim’s home. This gave me the unique opportunity of seeing a metamorphosis take place. I noticed how each cousin gravitated to others at his/her same level of pain. Timid and unsure, yet urged on by the need for healing, they began to open up to each other. Finding validation and emboldened by each other’s love and understanding, they risked further, exposing long-buried wounds. Healing came, through soft words, warm hugs and nods of understanding. It was a though they instinctively knew how to apply the salve of love to each other’s hearts.

By the end of the weekend hope in family, so long lost, was restored. I noticed the tears in their eyes as they hugged each other goodbye. I was overjoyed to see a lightness to their step and a smile on their faces that reached ear to ear. It was hard to leave the euphoric state that we had existed in that weekend in order to return to our every day lives.

As I watched them though, I felt conflicted and confused. On one hand I was grateful that our family had reunited, but on the other I couldn’t make sense of why my father would make some of the choices he made that brought this healing about. They were so out of character. For one, why would my father, who was such a thrifty man, spend $12,000 on an alternative cancer treatment … even going so far as to call us up and ask if we had any objections to him using some of our inheritance to do it? Dad was nearly obsessed with his will and ensuring my brothers and I had money coming to us.

Secondly, he decided to stop the 25-day treatment a week into it and return home to die. It was working! My father was not a quitter, nor was he one to throw away money like that. Reading his diary explained it. My father’s most fervent prayer was to see his family reunited and he was quite willing to lay down his life for that to happen. I believe my father had a soul contract that precluded continued life and instead, involved manifesting this cancer and using it as a catalyst to reunite his family. Finally his choices made sense.

As we move through the next 3+ years, all the soul contracts we have created in order to prepare us for ascension will be activated. It will be a time of great lessons and blessings. Consequently we may see our dearest and closest family members and friends do and say things that are totally out of character. The pain will be great, but if we keep in mind that there may be a higher perspective and allow it to unfold, their choices will lead us to the change, healing and understanding we need.

Jelaila Starr

Written March 23, 2009

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