Moving Beyond the A.I. Plan for Earth

Hi All,

No call tonight. I have company here and will be spending time with them.  But that all works because we are being asked to begin preparation for the next assignment: Moving beyond the A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) plan to take over Earth.

As with any assignment there is preparation work.  For this assignment we need to become informed about the A.I. plan along with how far it has progressed.

We will be creating a template to place in the mass consciousness grid.  The purpose of this template will be to enhance the one we already have.  It will include changes that accommodate the various changes in the timeline that have occurred since the A.I./First Contact Template was created.  The intention is that it encompasses all known variables to how the new financial system rolls out, the extent to which crypto currency is used, along with how 5G is used, and more.

We have the ability to move beyond the current Cabal/A.I. plan by shifting into another more positive timeline.

I’ve provided a few links for you to research. Please view/read them all before the next call.

The Truth about D-Wave Quantum Computers and the FUTURE A.I. Artificial Intelligence Mandela Effect (19:20)

D-Wave and CERN (The Key to the Abyss) 3:58

D.-Wave, CERN… Giants, Fallen Angels & Demons ~Anthony Patch (1:16)

Beta Tested – George Kavassilas’s post on how he was 5G beta tested and what it did to him.

Again, thanks for being with me in this mission. I cannot do it without you!

Jelaila Starr
The Nibiruan Council