March 8, 2021 Update

Hi Everyone,

In light of the intensifying censoring, I am going to stop using titles and now use dates as titles for my posts.  I feel it is probably the safest way to ensure the messages keep going out. As for the subject (s), they will be conveyed here in the body of the post. So…today’s subject is two-fold.

First, the topic for the Compassion call will be about something I received from “upstairs” and that is recognizing how the New Age community was unwittingly used to help create the extreme push to oneness that we are desperately trying to avoid.  This is a touchy subject but not addressing it may be adding to the frustrations we are experiencing as we await the move into a new reality.  It also may be that if this is to be a template, it will provide a release that is needed, that last push.  I’ll explain more on the call.

The other subject is what is going on the Galactic Master Class.  As I explained when putting it together, this was an assignment that I received, again, from “upstairs.”  As with most assignments, I have no clear understanding of what it is for, but usually it turns out that it is for something in the future.

I prepared an outline of the 12 classes, with the understanding that they may not go as I planned.  So far, we have been receiving new info in each class and especially with the Keys of Compassion.  We should have completed all 7 Keys but we haven’t, there are 2 Keys left.  hmmm….

I asked about this and here is what I received, and what I wanted to share with everyone regardless of whether you are doing the workshop.  The Keys of Compassion are designed in stages.  The Formula of Compass, the 1st Key, is the foundation. It provides the questions one must answer in order to clear a block.  The questions require answers that cannot be answered using 3rd dimensional polarized principles/beliefs (light/dark, good/evil, etc.).  The answered can be found in higher dimensional, god-conscious principles.  Those god-conscious principles/beliefs are given in Keys 2-7.

The most important info on how to answer the questions of the Formula are in Keys 2-5.  The last two keys are for healing the relationship (Apologies, Key 7) and then establishing a healthier, more satisfying foundation for the relationship and the future.  (Agreements, Key 6).  So these Keys are not necessary to work the Formula, but they are necessary to heal the issue, and ensure it there is a way to address the issue in the future without destroying the relationship.

Back to the Master Class, we are supposed to start on DNA Recoding this week, but we need to complete the last 2 Keys. The Master Class was meant to be a way to provide additional higher dimensional information and have it recorded for the future.  Consequently, more time would be spent on some keys more than others.  The need for flexibility would be important.  With that in mind, we will complete the last two Keys in the next class.  If there is new information given,  it will be easy to follow if you have read these Keys.

For those who have not been able to take the Master Class, you can still do so with the recordings.  They are available in the Shop.

That’s it for now.  Talk with you tomorrow night.