Learning to be a Compassionate Teacher

Now that we have moved through the May 5, 2000 doorway, many of you starseeds, walk-ins and lightworkers will begin to take up your missions, and therefore, will require assistance in learning how to become the teachers and/or leaders of the new world that we are all co-creating together. This article is the first in a series ‘Teacher’ articles that will explore the various aspects of being a teacher and a leader so that you can successfully fulfill your missions and have fun and financial prosperity while doing it.

Learning to be a Compassionate Teacher

Just this morning May 4, 2000, as I was sitting at my computer replying to the website forum postings, I suddenly got the impulse to add a comment at the end of one of my replies. I said, “I am so glad that we have the forum to talk with each other. I have wanted for a long time to talk to others the way I do here. It feels so good!”

Shortly thereafter, one of the regular posters, Sowelu, replied saying, “ I get a real good feeling knowing this board is for you, too, in the same way it is for us. I often wonder about those who have made the transition of supplying spiritual/ascension services to others … if they are then nourished in this ‘community’ manner only by the inner, their inner council, guides, etc., and the outer becomes their ‘service zone’ only … if they begin to feel more isolated, or less. I think these thoughts come from my little girl inside, scared to make a leap into a more obvious form of service-to-others, you know? These are feeling things, not intellect, of course, but valid to express nonetheless. I’ve only recently come to love so much about my physical life and now find myself, here and there, fearing the loss of it with the raise in frequency … HA! Who’d have thought I’d ever get here! There’s glee in acknowledging it.”

Sowelu’s reply became my inspiration for this article. Thank you, Sowelu!

Learning how to make that transition to being a teacher and leader has been a real challenge. Learning to allow others to support and nourish me mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially is a terrifying thing for those like me who are better taking care of and giving to others.

During my first years as messenger for the Nibiruan Council, I faced many obstacles to finding the balance needed to be a compassionate and effective teacher and leader. For starters, I feared that going public, which I knew was a big part of how I would accomplish my mission, was terrifying to me.

I cringed at the thought of losing my privacy, of not having time for myself, and perhaps losing the new life that I had struggled so hard to create. Even thought this new life was not perfect, it was still better than the life I had left behind. I was afraid that I would be sucked dry by all the people who would come to me for help because there would be so many of them. I had seen what being a public figure can do to a person, how it could destroy them. I knew that I wanted to fulfill my mission because that was what made my heart sing. I had not yet learned how to keep my private world together in the process.

As a messenger/teacher/leader, I felt that I had to be the one with all the answers, giving information from members of The Nibiruan Council and performing the services required in that role. But through it all I struggled with anger, fear and resentment over doing my service because of my beliefs about how I should do this job. I thought, “I give and give and give but get nothing in return! I don’t know how long I am going to be able to keep this up.” Some days were a struggle just to get out of bed. I thought to myself, “I can’t afford to become better known because it would drain what little energy I have left.” As you can see, I managed to work myself into a major frenzy of “poor me” victimhood due to my long-held belief that leaders and teachers should give and only received support from the higher realms to energize them and keep them going. I had managed to isolate myself from others, too afraid to reach out and be real for fear of their rejection.

Due to this belief there were many times that I reached burn out and said to the Council, “I quit! This isn’t doing it for me anymore. It’s not worth the pain!” And each time they would respond, “Your role was meant to be a two-way street, Jelaila. You were meant to receive as much as you give and have all the good things that 3D has to offer.” Of course, I would respond with, “You’re just stroking me to get me to keep going.”

I was also angry over that fact that my efforts were not paying the bills. It seemed at the time that the more I gave the less I received in financial support. My website was not getting many hits and my articles though well received by a few were not seeming to get out there very far. People were not passing them along.

The sale of books and tapes which support this work was also not happening, at least not enough to keep our heads above water financially. And even though I was well aware that my financial abundance would come in proportion to my public exposure, I still didn’t really get it. So, in my mind this only served to further verify my belief that being a spiritual teacher and leader was a joke and I had been duped. Well, after 4 years and much pain, I finally got it. I stepped down off my pedestal, came down off the mountain and joined the real world.

You see, doing your service as a teacher, healer or leader was always meant to be one that energized you and fed you emotionally, mentally and physically. The problem is that we have been struggling under the old programming whereby the teacher or leader is to be separate and above the student. The old patriarchal paradigm fosters the concept that “father, or in this case, teacher/leader knows best.” Therefore, we must be in a class of our own, separate from the rest in order to be known as leaders and teachers. To reach out and ask for love and support would take us out of that realm causing us to fall from our pedestals and thus lose the love and support we so need. Yet, like so many others learning this lesson, I have found that to not do so leaves me feeling empty and burnt out, angry and hateful towards those I came to teach.

So, what is the answer? We must create a new paradigm, a new reality, one that supports us and feeds us so that we can continue our work until the mission if fulfilled. So what would that new paradigm look like? Well, let’s see—it would be one where those we serve see us as their equals. It would be one where they are able to experience the same feelings of power that come with giving as we do. It would be a reality in which they know that we see them as our teachers and that we all walk together on the path of enlightenment.

It would be a paradigm where we would have lots of friends to talk to and with whom we could feel safe exposing our weaknesses and our pain as much, if not more than, we share our triumphs. It would be one where we would be safe to be real. We would no longer live in lonely isolation atop our pedestals. Our lives would be fun again.

So I stand up and say that I am creating that paradigm and will continue to foster its concepts. I must do this because it is the only way for me to be able to continue my work with joy in my heart and the confidence to keep going on the darkest of days. So you see, we do not have to be alone sitting atop our pedestals upon which the world has taught us we must perch. There are those who will walk with us if we are only willing to reach out and embrace them. But to do so we must come out of our caves, be among them and allow ourselves to open up and receive all the love, support and guidance others wish to give us in return for the good we have done for them.

Your guides can only do so much. Their job was to provide spiritual support. The majority of your support will come from the people you came to serve. That is the meaning of the balance between service to self and service to others. That is the meaning of the two way street.

Today, I feel I am becoming a more compassionate leader. Compassionate in that I am learning to accept all things, including my own needs, and all people as having value. I now understand that the people who come to my website, buy my books and tapes and read my articles are my equals, each having something to teach me, and love to share.

Because of this new way of thinking I have become much more willing to put myself out there, so to speak. I now willingly spend hours at the computer writing articles and posting them on our site, as well as in numerous places on the web. And I have found that the more real I am, the more I expose my vulnerabilities through my writings and communications, the more people reach out to support me emotionally, physically and financially. They seem to feel my desire to embrace them and be a part of their worlds and I, in turn, feel energized by their support, and thus, feel encouraged to continue become more public. As a result our sales have increased substantially and the money concerns appear to be behind us now. It’s a win/win!

To the people who are on my mailing list, you are my lifeline, my support system, and I need you. Thank you for being here with me as I learn. Thank you for being patient with me as I struggle through my fears of being real with you, getting out of my ego, and learning that when I do you respond with hugs and words of encouragement, teaching me through the experiences you trusted me enough to share. Your love and support keep me going. Thank you, thank you!

I hope you will consider the idea of joining me in the new way of being a teacher and leader. Your mission is precious and vital to the overall plan for earth. You deserve all the good things 3D has to offer and you will have them once you integrate the fear blocking you from having them, and do the work necessary to open the door to their flow. After all, you were meant to have them as the 3D portion of your reward for a job well done.

With great appreciation,

Jelaila Starr

Our next installment in this series is Becoming a Prosperous Teacher which will explore the common blocks and fears that most starseeds, walk-ins and lightworkers have. These blocks keep them from taking on their missions achieving prosperity. This article goes hand-in-hand with the Money (under categories) articles and will explores many of concepts and solutions in those articles but will be written with the starseeds, walk-ins and lightworkers in mind.

Readers Comments

“You are so honest and real that it just blows my mind! What a refreshing gift you are to this planet. It’s like being in a desert and having someone hand you a glass of clear, cold water. Your articles talking and teaching about the downside of the ascension process are so badly needed in the whole body of information that’s “out there”. I think so many of us are so tired, burned out and exhausted and depleted financially and wondering what went wrong and is this really what we agreed to, and then you come along with a whole new perspective and way of looking at the issue that is very energizing and so completely honest and really what we all need to hear. Thank you again for having the courage to be you and for being willing to share that you with us.” Gretchen

“I to would like to say how much I enjoyed your article. As a psycho-spiritual counselor I found this to be an issue from the start. I continued to pray that those who came to me would possess the knowledge of this new paradigm. I continuously was put on a pedestal and then resented when I didn’t have all the answers. What I realized after all the praying for the wise clients is that I needed to change my energy around this thought pattern. Even though I knew in my mind what the new student/teacher relationship looked like, I was afraid to break out of the old. Who would come to me when I didn’t offer the public what they expected? How would I make a living waiting for the mass to shift in their expectations? I found that it is working out beautifully. I am being provided with the lessons I need from my students regarding this issue. I continue today to work on not going into the old patterns and it seems that my pray for clients with the same new paradigm was answered. I was just looking in the wrong direction at first. Thank you.” Sandy