Becoming a Prosperous Teacher, Part I

This article is written based on my own understanding and struggle with the core beliefs and fears that block our ability to manifest money. As a teacher myself I know that we must be able to manifest money in order to do our work and fulfill our missions. Those who are not teachers of ascension or First Wave Teachers as I call them, may also affected by these fears and beliefs.

I, like many of you, have intimate knowledge of these fears, having danced with each as my partner for many years and many lifetimes. I feel that by using my personal experiences as example and sharing the solutions that I have discovered, I can assist in helping you to identify those that still block you.

To understand how we incurred these beliefs and fears, at least in this lifetime, we will also need to examine some of the major systems of earth and the beliefs with which we have been indoctrinated. This examination is not done with malice but objectively, knowing that everything, even the most imbalanced systems, has value in our spiritual growth as human beings.

On any given day I receive at least one email from a frustrated, upset teacher asking for assistance in finding out why this financial deprivation has happened to them. They arrive in my email filled with the energy of pain, fear and sometimes hopelessness. As I read each one, my heart aches for them. I can easily empathize with their plight. I too have experienced times when I reached the end of my rope, out of money, energy spent and full of anger and bitter tears, railing at my guides and God asking, “Why, why has this happened to me? Haven’t I done everything you asked of me? Haven’t I jumped faithfully into every void, spent my savings, given my heart and soul to helping others? Why have you let me down?”

So what is causing this money issue among the First Wavers, those who came to teach and assist others through earth’s ascension process? Why is it that so many teachers and would be teachers are finding themselves in a situation where they have no money to begin or continue their work? Could it be that the answer lies in the old 3D beliefs and fears about money. Is it possible that we are still buying into them but we are just not aware that we are doing it? I believe that to be the case and I intend through the remainder of this article to ferret them out, bring them to light, provide a way to identify them and give a solution to begin clearing each one.

So let’s get started ‘cause we’ve got a lot of digging to do.

Belief #1:

If it’s spiritual it should be free

This belief has to be in my opinion the #1 stumbling block for spiritual teachers. To fully understand this belief we must look at it from both a 3D (earthly) perspective and the higher (spiritual) perspective.

Those of us who have been raised in organized religions have had this concept programmed into us since childhood. As a child growing up, the elders of my church told me that you couldn’t put a price tag on God’s word. Okay, I thought, that made sense to me, but why then, did they pass the offering plate around each Saturday (our church met on Saturdays)? Why are they doing that if God’s word is free? As a child it made no sense to me.

Years later I finally understood this apparent dichotomy. I realized that the reason they passed the plate had nothing to do with God’s word, but had everything to do with covering the costs they incurred in teaching God’s word to the congregation. So while, in the eyes of the elders God’s word is free, the church and its expenses are not. Someone has to pay for it. And while we’re at it, someone has to pay the preacher for his work and the utilities to heat and cool the church.

I realized that churches don’t get built on prayers and love alone, they need 3D money to build them. The elders can’t pay the brick mason and the carpet layer with love and prayers. The brick mason can’t take love and prayers to the grocery store and turn them into cash for food to feed his family. So if they can’t do it, then how can you?

Your local churches, and every organized religion are spiritual based businesses and as such need money to keep them running. They offer a service and need to get paid for that service to keep providing that service week in and week out. Whether you are a teacher offering readings, a healer or have a center or school, your service is considered a spiritual based business. And because they are businesses you must find a way to financially support them just like any other business.

So why do so many of us still struggle with the feeling that if we charge for our spiritual work, we are bad or no longer spiritual? And why, as we look at the facts before us, do we feel it is okay for the churches to do it but not us? Why do we think that God or Spirit would expect us to provide a spiritual service without the earthly means to support it?

I believe the reason is that the powers that be here on earth want to keep us disempowered and under their control. I believe they know that the way for a man/woman to move out of the earthly systems, the earthly prison, is through a spiritual reconnection with the Soul/Higher Self and ascension. So, in order to prevent that from happening they created this belief and promoted it through the spiritual institutions. Knowing how strong our need to connect with source, with spirit is, they used it to shame us into obeying. Shame is a powerful emotion and will stop us dead in our tracks because it attacks our sense of self-worth.

When the religious institutions tell us that in order to be spiritual we should not charge for our services, and we believe them, they are able to render us powerless to fulfill our missions because we lack the financial resources to do it. I believe that our continued acceptance of this belief is what has led to the financial crippling of the metaphysical community.

Going further, if we were to attempt to move beyond this belief, we could be stopped because built into this belief is the emotion of guilt. In other words, if we do charge and someone who still believes in this belief, challenges us on this we will feel guilt. This has been my experience. And in that guilt I would feel as if I had stolen from God. Pretty powerful belief, huh?

But, as we have already seen, the church leaders don’t believe this, now do they? So isn’t it time we throw off the shackles of this belief by charging to cover the expenses and make a profit in our work, just like they do?

Now let’s go to the final step and look at this belief from the higher perspective and when we do, we will see that Spirit does not support this, “If it is Spiritual it should be free” belief either.

In the universe we have a law called Cause/Effect or Giving/Receiving. In essence it means that for every cause there is an equal effect or when we give, we must receive. In other words, what goes around comes around.

We also have another law that states, “Everything is energy and all energy has value.” So if every form of energy has a value, then it is subject to the law of Cause/Effect or Giving/Receiving. Then the only thing that wouldn’t be subject to these two laws is nothing—a no-thing. So, if your spiritual service is a Something and not a No-thing then it is subject to the law of giving and receiving, therefore you must receive something in return for the spiritual service you give.

Now that we have looked at this belief from both the earthly and the higher perspectives, is there any reason to keep believing it? Can we take the steps to deal with the shame and guilt it creates in order to free ourselves from it? I believe that we can, and we must in order to do our work as teachers.

How can you tell if you are still operating from this belief?

  • You refuse to accept money for your services or only accept a love offering with no minimum stated.
  • You negatively judge those who do accept money for their services.

Is there a way to release this belief?

  1. Get in touch with the shame that keeps this belief active in your life. Taking a look at your family’s beliefs around money and spirituality will help you identify it.
  2. Make an agreement with your Inner Child/Ego (I use these terms interchangeably because I believe they are the same) that you will not abandon him/her while you take the necessary actions to begin living out of a new belief that it is appropriate and necessary for you to charge money for your services. Let him/her know that when people come forward and project shame onto you because they still operate out of this belief, that you will not take that shame on, you won’t buy into it.

The keys to moving out of this belief are agreements with the Inner Child/Ego. The one I mentioned above is the most important agreement to make but there are other agreements that need to be made that support you keeping this primary agreement. The Ego cannot let go of old beliefs if it believes those beliefs will provide the acceptance and love it needs to survive. So if you want your Ego to cooperate and take on a new belief, you must have agreements in place that safeguard her/his existence while he/she lets go of the old one and begins to embrace the new one.

As I explained in The 3rd Key of Compassion, the Inner Child/Ego equates rejection with death and it will block anything that threatens its survival. A new belief can threaten it so take the steps to ensure your Inner Child’s safety. Once I had figured this out, I was able to move beyond this belief and my financial situation improved immensely.

Belief #2:

You cannot be wealthy and famous and still be spiritual

This belief is similar to the belief we just discussed but extends the idea to include not just charging for your service but becoming wealthy and famous as a direct or indirect result of it. This belief really plagued me for a very long time. We are told that the rich man’s chances of getting into the kingdom of God are as good as the chance of getting a camel through the eye of a needle. How many of us have had that story preached to us from the time we were little kids? In essence, what I believe they are saying is that we should remain poor in order to be spiritual, but what about those who are telling us this? Once again, are they poor? Organized religions are some of the most profitable and wealthy spiritual based businesses around, are they not?

My feeling about this one is: money and fame give people power and the more they become powerful the less they can be manipulated. The systems of earth are designed to keep us powerless. In order to do so they need to indoctrinate us in beliefs that support their agenda. Of course we agreed to this before we incarnated so that we would have to work our way out of a state of powerlessness in order to understand our power. I don’t believe we can truly understand power until we have experienced powerlessness. In addition, we cannot lead people out of a state of powerlessness unless we have had the personal experience of finding our own way out. So, I do not feel any of us are victims here. We just need to see these beliefs and those who perpetrate them from the highest perspective, thank them for the lessons and move on.

How can you tell if you are still operating from this belief?

From my experience, people who still operate from this belief sabotage themselves each time they begin to gain momentum in creating fame and fortune. For example they suddenly get very ill or create a family crisis. Regardless of how they create the sabotage, the intent on an unconscious level is always the same, to stop the momentum that would enable them to build fame and fortune.

Is there a way to release this belief?

  • Ask your Inner Child/Ego to show you where in the past having fame and fortune caused you to be hurt. Before you can do this step, you will need to have reestablished an open dialogue with your Inner Child.
  • Once he/she has shown you this event, and there may be several, validate his/her right to have these feelings around those events.
  • Once he/she feels validated, and you can find this out by asking him/her, ask if he/she wants to continue to feel this kind of pain. If your Ego says no, then ask him/her if he/she is willing to make a decision that would create a new kind of life—a life full of recognition and financial security. If your Ego says yes, then call in your Higher Self/Soul and then ask your Inner Child/Ego to make an agreement with you stating that your Soul will lead the both of you into this new life and that you and your Inner Child/Ego agree to follow.

There is more to clearing this belief and working with the Inner Child and the Soul and you can read about it in the 4th Key of Compassion, Hold on to Nothing & You’ll Have Everything; you will find this on the Keys of Compassion Overview. Now let’s take a look at the three most challenging fears that stop us from manifesting money.