Galactic Master Class: The Sirius B Catastrophe, the Ca_al, and Sanat Kumara

Galactic Master Class

Hi Everyone,

Tomorrow we begin the second session on galactic history. This time the focus will be the events that led to the catastrophe on the Sirius B colonies. Though this is was not a Grand Experiment, it was one of the human homewards  that met its demise. This is where the info I was given on Sanat Kumara, the Orion Empire and their frequency fences come into play.

To understand where we are right now in terms of the cabal’s efforts to once again imprison us in a frequency fence and turn us into transhumans (hybrid A.I.), one only needs to know this piece. It explains why the Cabal are here, who they are and why they feel the need to do what they are doing. There is much more to say but I will leave it for the class.

The Master Class is available on a session by session basis so if you wish to join in on any session, just use the Easy Pay option and choose the session you want from the drop down menu.

Note: Though the title says January 14th, so it makes no difference on the Easy Pay method because the drop down menu determines the purchase.