Finding Your Way Thru a Mission Change

For those who are here on a mission, being able to see the path ahead is a familiar challenge. More often than not the signs are obscure and take time to truly recognize. But once we do the near giddiness of having finally recognized that next step fills us with the enthusiasm necessary to move forward. And here’s a secret: it is that enthusiasm that opens the doors to the people, money and opportunities needed to successfully complete every assignment of your mission. To be clearer, a funding plan is already in place for each assignment; you just have to be “on track” or “on path” to access it. The sudden spurt of excitement and enthusiasm is the sign that you have found the track/path–it’s the Soul/Higher Self saying “Yes! You’ve got it!” Makes all the struggle worth it, doesn’t it?

Since we were not given a handbook on the ins and outs of a mission, we flounder when it changes. Especially tough is the disappointment that comes when we think we’ve found that step only to discover that we haven’t. All the signs we thought we had read correctly didn’t cause a new door of opportunity to open. As time drags on and funding continues to dwindle, it takes every ounce of faith we have in our Guides and ourselves to stay positive and trust that we will find that next step.

If you have been following my weekly messages for a while you know I’ve been waiting to find my next step. It wasn’t until a few days ago–after waiting nearly two years–that I feel I have finally found it. Oh yes, I thought I had found it before but I didn’t really see it as I do now. What I share with you is done with the intent that something I write provides a clue that helps you find your next step.

The Ins and Outs of a Mission

It’s been a few years since my first mission completed. The mission to change the timelines of the 4 galactic wounds ended in 2004. (See the Compassion Templates 2005) From that time to the end of 2010 I did what I refer to as cleanup work, tweaking, updating and reinforcing what we had created. This required travel for workshops and conferences.

I knew that was done in late 2010 because I got a strong feeling that I no longer wanted to travel. (A change of heart over a major component of an assignment is a sign that it is nearing completion.) At the same time, advancements in technology made using the Internet to send out video messages made it possible to reach more people. And having someone show up to give me the info within days of me recognizing the video message possibility, were all the signs I needed to recognize the next step. From late 2010 to the end of 2012 I worked on what I call the 2012 focus; getting prepared to cross the galactic equator at the end of 2012. That required a dedicated focus on emotional clearing, along with updates on Nibiru’s approach as she was indirectly applying much of the pressure via solar flares.

From the beginning of 2013 till now I’ve been in what I call an interim stage. I provide ongoing support via weekly messages. Due to personal losses that occurred in the last few years, that stage has been peppered with weeks, and sometimes months, with no messages. When I did continue, many were about insights into the process of grief and the state of depression. But now that stage appears to be ending.

Since early spring I’ve found myself resisting doing the video portion of the messages. When I find myself no longer excited about a major part of an assignment, I know it is a sign that I am nearing the end. Another sign was being repeatedly informed by the 9D Nibiruans (aka the Council) that the need for their involvement would end once the new financial system is in place. (Explained in earlier messages.) Though there have been many twists and turns with that event, we are now very close to the end.

What is plain to me now is that the signs for the next stage have been occurring for the last couple of years; I just didn’t fully recognize them. The reason is that I was viewing them through the lenses of grief and depression and the need to run from both. I was trying to distract myself from the pain when I believed I was to move to Austin. It would have provided a change of scenery and gotten me away from all the memories my current home holds. I was seeking to run from the pain by holding on to those I had lost when I believed I was to develop mediumship and animal communication. You can imagine the frustration felt when no doors opened for either one. Aarrggh!

It was just a day ago that I finally got clear about all this. Now I see my next step. I call it, “Higher Perspective Healing.” I will help others through the intense pain of depression and grief using the Keys of Compassion. It is only by using these tools during my own process that I learned how to apply them with grief and depression. I know this is the next step because the excitement and enthusiasm are back. The final confirmation will be funding.

Emotional clearing work is my passion and always has been. Perhaps it is my Scorpio moon that makes it so easy for me to see the patterns and programming running in the background of a person’s mind. Regardless, it is what I do best and where my heart is. This is the work that the Council knows is and will continue to be needed as we move through the loss of the old reality.

In closing, sometimes the signs that there is a new assignment or mission are not easy to see. It’s not that they are intentionally obscured; it’s that we are trying to see them through the filtered lense of our current desires. Once we separate what is in front of us from what we want, the signs reveal themselves making a change in the mission easy to see.