Ascension and Mental Illness

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Following up on last week’s message, Ascension and Grief, this week we delve into the subject of mental illness.

From the time I began my mission in 1996 it was made clear to me that I had come to help humanity through what the Nibiruans termed, “the changes.”  “The changes” involved not only specific events and planetary conditions, but impact of those events and conditions on the mass consciousness. In reference to the latter, I was repeatedly told, “The time will come when people will literally be losing their minds.” Of course, never having gone through an planetary ascension process (at least not in this lifetime), it is hard to visualize just how “losing our minds” would look.  It’s 18 years later and now the picture is clear–the latest statistics show that 1 in 4 people have some sort of mental disorder.

John Hopkins Mental Health Disorder Statistics

You have to admit that is a pretty alarming statistic. In the last week I have seen two TV shows reporting on the rise in mental illness and the burden that it is putting on families and communities.  In each case the challenge was that there was not enough help available because the increase has been so sudden and so extreme. Seems the Nibiruans’ prediction has come to pass. The question I have is, why? Why do we have so much mental illness and why has ascension, something that was supposed to be so wonderful, caused so much suffering? Below are three things that I believe have caused the suffering.

Rising Frequency

The Nibiruans are not the only off-world group that has referenced the rising planetary frequency. Also known as the Schumann Resonance, it is actually the planet’s heartbeat. For centuries it was right around 8.7 Htz or cycles per second. Now it is higher.

Zero Point and Schumann Resonance

As I understand it, in physics when a frequencies rise, those around them rise as well. We know that emotions are frequencies and that the vibrate at a slower rate that those of love, joy and all the positive emotions. This means that all our repressed negative emotions are being shaken free within our respective emotional fields. Once shaken up they will rise to our conscious minds. Once there we have two choices; clear them or try to suppress them. The alarming rise in mental illness is more than proof that suppression is no longer working.

Time Acceleration

A rising planetary frequency also means that time is accelerating. I know I’m not the only one that feels I don’t have enough time in the day anymore. And don’t the years seem to be flying by? When time speeds up we no longer have enough time to process our feelings. If we choose to live this way, not taking time to properly process, we will go into emotional overload. Emotional overload is very stressful on the body and will eventually lead a chemical/hormonal imbalance and thus, a mental disorder.

The Losses

I’ve written a lot in the last few years about the losses. These losses are not just the loved ones who have died, but also the loss of family relationships due to a difference in beliefs. But that is not all, there are also the losses we all have as the world that we knew is dismantled to make way for the new. Change, however grand, also includes loss of the old.

When you add the stress caused by time going so fast to the formerly stuffed painful emotions now running rampant through our emotional fields, and combined with losses that we feel each day, is it any wonder that humanity is struggling so much with mental imbalance?


Currently the most accepted solution for mental illness is drugs. I am not here to advocate for or against them because like anything else, they have a purpose. That purpose from what I have seen, is to provide support so that we can keep it together while we work on the root of the problem: the emotional wound held at the soul level.

The drugs cannot take away the emotional pain … they can only attempt to suppress them. From the higher perspective, the solution is to address the beliefs that caused the emotional wound. Only when those are addressed can real healing begin. Knowing that we would struggle during ascension due to the dysfunctional beliefs that cause us to be emotionally stuck, we were given numerous tools for emotional and physical healing by a host of off-world groups. The Nibiruans, our parent race, gave us a set of higher dimensional beliefs that we could use to overlay our existing dysfunctional ones. Moreover, these beliefs were to be used as tools to not only heal our soul wounds but in do so they would recode our DNA. I am referring to the multidimensional Keys of Compassion.

In closing, ascension is a wonderful thing but as will anything else there are inherent challenges. Mental illness, when understood and addressed from a higher perspective, can be alleviated. I have personally witnessed the positive transformation that occurs when a bi-polar individual finally addresses the real source of their anger; the cure is nearly instant. Now is the time to get this message out.