Finding the Value in the US Election

Hi Everyone,

The current turn of events has left many (those who are unaware of a higher purpose) feeling angry, betrayed and in some cases, hopeless.  But all is not lost, there is a higher purpose at play.

As you may recall, we talked about the world going into a global dark night of the soul and the good that can come of it.  But there is another benefit that I want to focus on and that involves our children and other family members. I’ll share more on tomorrow night’s call.

On a separate but somewhat related note, we are receiving a lot of new information in the Galactic Master Class.  This past week we received much more about Sanat Kumar, the Frequency Fence, the Black A.I. and its connection to the Orion empire, Enki, Marduk and the disconnection of our 10 DNA strands.  Yep, more pieces of the galactic history puzzle coming together. I have had a few more this week and will share those in the next class.

Together these new pieces are explaining more about what is going on now and why.  I am so grateful to be able to bring this information through.

If you wish to participate, you still can and even if you cannot attend, you can receive the recording.  It is sent right after the class.

Talk with you tomorrow night,

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When: Thursday, January 28, 2021
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