Elenin/Nibiru – what comes next?

In last week’s message I gave an update on Elenin and Nibiru’s return. As I said, referencing a the weekly message, If We can Just Get through September, if we could just get through September, we would be okay. (The target date for Elenin’s passing was September 26th, per the Nibiruans.)

I was reading the forums for DinarGuru.com and one of the posters posted that certain political, military and government people were in underground bunkers awaiting the passing of a comet on that day. Our president was in Denver around that time. Wonder if he was in the underground city beneath the Denver airport?

Regardless, it is clear that the “Powers that Be” took Elenin’s passing seriously and prepared. Yet, we are still here! Yeah! Thank you God!!

Now, there was some difficulty. Power outages and meteor showers, along with red dust in the sky (iron oxide common to comets and brown dwarfs) were reported in numerous areas of the world. Yet, no tectonic plates shifted, and no coastlines were inundated. As reports show, it was a minor passing overall.

There is a video showing a ship firing at Elenin and breaking it apart. I’d love to see that. NASA did report that the comet had broken apart so whether it was from a ship’s weapons or simply the fact that it broke apart coming across the elliptical plane (that does happen to comets sometimes) I am grateful.

I realize that many are still predicting catastrophic events for Nibiru just as with Elenin. I do not feel we have that much to fear. It will not be catastrophic. Of course, those who are affected will feel it is catastrophic but overall the world will survive and keep on going. The most that most of us will have to deal with is weather related events. Droughts and floods will be common for a while. Nibiru’s approach and passing will create climate changes that may remain for many years.

On that note, please do not email me asking if your area will be safe. I do not know and the Nibiruans, for the most part do not either. The reason being that they do not control what we do. To control our actions would violate our free will.

What I can give you is a way to help determine if your area may be one that will experience the “mild cleansing.”

  1. If it is located on a fragile tectonic plate
  2. Located on or near a coastal area in Southern hemisphere.
  3. Emits a significant amount of fearful energy (densely populated or not.)

These are areas that have a 80% or greater chance of experiencing the cleansing.

What to do?

If you are in those areas, call upon your guides to help you know when to relocate. Ask for signs that cannot be misinterpreted and remain open to the move regardless of how much you love the place.

As I explained before, we have earned an easy passing by doing our emotional clearing. So, let’s continue. The more we clear, the less the impact of Nibiru’s passing. I feel confident that I can speak for the Nibiruans when I say that they prefer their planet’s passing to be a nonevent.