If We Can Just Get Through September

It is 3:33am as I sit to write this message. Claps of thunder, so loud they shake the house, make it difficult to sleep. I swear it is as though nature is howling with rage as she works to vent all our buried rage, anger and pent up pain. I find it interesting that such weather would be occuring and that it would awaken me in the middleo fo the night so that I get up and write the message now instead of tomorrow (Sundays) as I usually do. Perhaps the guides wanted to ensure clear communication? Hmmm …

So, this week’s message is about getting through September.

I was standing at my window watching yet another wild storm whipping the limbs of the two huge walnut trees in my backyard, the message about September dropped popped into my mind. It was a simple statement from the Nibiruans, “You just need to get through the end of September and then you will be beyond the worst of theearth changes. the reason, I was told is that Elenin (our name for one of Nibiru’s small brown dwarf companions) will be the only major visit we receive; Nibiru will not be arriving before 2012.

Elenin will have completed its walkabout in our area of the solar system by that late September. At that point it will be on its way back out into deep space. Elenin though much smaller than Nibiru (4 times the size of Earth) still has a strong enough magnetic pull on Earth that it can create massive earthquakes (Japan) and cause volcanoes to spew (Iceland). Elenin’s passing puts pressure on our sun causing massive solar flares that hit our atmosphere disturbing our weather patterns. Record heat, drought, floods, mega storms, and cluster tornodoes become the norm … for a while.

So how did we manage to avoid a close encounter with Nibiru? No sooner did the question then the Nibiruan’s (answered — I think they were waiting for it. They said that we had shifted our timeline and thus shifted out of the timeline on which Nibiru’s pull on our tectonic plates would have caused a pole shift.

Unlike in certain past crossings, humanity has achieved a certain degree of emotional clearing and ascension this time around. I was told many years ago that in order to Earth’s ascension to be considered successful, 70% of the population has to make a 1-dimensional shift. That means shifting from 3D to 4D.

That, I am told has been accomplished as a result of the discovery of quantum physics. Through this new science we have learned that we live in a multidimensional world, a 4D concept, and not just one dimensional world complete with one reality, a 3D concept. And, at least 70% of the population are aware of this. Don’t you think it interesting that science took us away from the divind and now brings us back, and with a broader understanding?

Having shifted our timeline, we have now shifted away from the most devastating and catastrophic prophecies. There will be some earth changes but none as severe as a close passing of Nibiru. Here in the US, we may see more flooding of the Mississippi are a result of earthquakes along the New Madrid fault but it appears they will be minor rather than major. The US will not become two separate landmasses divided by an inland sea. California will not go into the ocean but part of her coastline may. Japan may still not survive and New Zealand, like California, will be smaller. There will not be a major pole shift; Elenin though powerful is not large enough to do that.

There will still be some food shortages but again, to a lesser degree. Many areas that were supposed to be severely affected will either not be affected at all, or not to the same degree. So all in all the news is good.

Keep in mind that we are not out of the woods yet. You, me and everyone else on this planet still have work to do. We can further minimize Elenin’s effect by doing our emotional clearing. That means we can further minimize earth changes by continuing clear out and release the old anger, bitterness, resentment and other emotional pain we still carry. This is integration of the Light and the Dark within us. Quantum science has proven that we create our reality from within so if we are at peace within ourselves because we will see a peaceful reality. We can continue altering our reality so that Elenin’s outbound passing occurs and then it moves on. Weather returns to normal and gentle rains replace violent storms. Yes, we just need to get through September.

By the way, just looked at the clock and it is now 4:44am as I finish this message.