Elenin/Nibiru Update

It’s been over a month since I last wrote you. Thank you all for giving me that time. I’d like to say it has been a great vacation but grief is never a vacation! But, what it does is give us a way to work through the pain and come out the other side. Though I still have moments when the tears flow, the aching hole in my heart is finally healing and I’m picking up the pieces and moving forward.

While I’ve been gone, I have kept abreast of some of the happenings. Numerous emails about Comet Elenin arrive in my inbox daily. That and the economy seem to be uppermost right now. On the subject of Elenin … and Nibiru, I check in with the Nibiruans to inquire if they had changed anything. Nothing had changed. The intel is still the same. (See the weekly message, If We can Just Get through September)

So it appears that if we can get through September, the worst possible effects of Elenin will be over. But that’s not all. I also realized something that they were saying … without really coming out and saying it. They were telling us that if we get through September without any major problems from Elenin, we will also be in the clear with Nibiru! That means no catastrophic pole shift–Whew!

So why would we free of a catastrophic passing of Nibiru? As I understand it, the reason is that we have earned a free pass by raising our consciousness. Now that does not mean there will be no earth changes, what it means is that they will be minimal. I have been informed from the beginning that the intention is for a mild cleansing. I take this to mean certain coastlines and perhaps some landmasses being submerged. On that note, they have not changed their stance on Japan being submerged.

The next question is, what can we do to ensure that we have just a mild cleansing? We have to continue to do our emotional clearing. Emotional clearing removes negative, fear-based energy from the mass consciousness/Mother Earth’s emotional field. At the same time, it adds high frequency compassion, gratitude, appreciation and love.

As quantum science has now proven, we attract the same energy that we exude. Normally one would think, if we are exuding anger shame, fear etc then we will attract more. Yes, that is true. Yet, during emotional clearing we are pulling up and transmuting those feelings into compassion and love so they are going out into the mass consciousness as transmuted and transformed energy of a higher vibration. Because the intent is positive and self-empowering the energy of the intention also goes with them. That intention energy is what we will attract back to us in the form people, situations and events that give us more reason to be loving, empowered and grateful. Does that make sense?

So, if you think that your individual clearing work won’t really matter, think again. Everyone one of us has an impact on the mass consciousness. As the Nibiruans have explained to us more than once, we can drop the height of a tidal by 50 feet just by clearing one layer from an emotional block.

Let’s keep clearing and get through September, Elenin … and Nibiru (she is not far behind) will have been another prophecy that only came minimally true.

On a related note, I feel my brother’s passing will ensure that my family does the clearing that they need to do. In fact, I think that may be the gift that our loved ones give us as they start to pass over in larger and larger numbers.

Once again, thank you for all your kind words. I sure appreciated your emails during my time away.