Current Events and Our Future

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been waiting to see if there something specific we need to talk about tonight but as of now, nothing has popped up. When this occurs it tells me that we are in a wait and see period. When that happens the best way to ferret out what may come out of this time (a download of info perhaps) is through talking about current events   so that is what we will be doing.

I find these type of calls to be some of the most informative because more often than not, new info comes in.

talk with you tonight,


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Hold on to Nothing and You’ll Have Everything – 2nd Session begins Saturday, 11/21

Key 4: Hold on to Nothing & You'll Have Everything

As we move through these times of great chaos and conflict, being able to withstand attempts to manipulate us into giving up our beliefs, and thus our power, are more important than ever. Why? Our world is on the brink of either reclaiming freedom or plunging into total enslavement. And where it matters most is in our relationships with those closest to us, yes, that is where the stakes are the highest because our hearts are involved.

How do we protect what we cherish when those we love pummel us with ultimatums? How do we stay true to our ourselves and what we feel is right when we are threatened with abandonment and rejection? It can be done with the multidimensional and god consciousness wisdom available through the 7 Keys of Compassion. In this workshop we will focus on the 4th & 5th Keys, Hold On to Nothing and You’ll have Everything, and Dancing with the Dark.

You can still attend this workshop with the Pay as You Go method.

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