Compassion – The Solution to WWIII

Today I was reading something that came across the Internet from a friend of ours. She talked about the concept of what you resist, persists and therefore, how allowing instead of doing is the way out of this current US crisis (the attacks on the US, the call for another war, WWIII and the solutions being discussed to fight terrorism.)

Just the day before, I had taken action to sign one of the many anti war petitions filling my inbox these days. I’m sure you are getting them too. As soon as I hit the submit button, I felt my action, which seemed so right just a moment before, was inappropriate but I couldn’t explain why.

In hindsight I now understand why it felt wrong. It was inappropriate because I was resisting something I did not want to happen. I do not want war so I signed the petition to make my voice heard. Like so many others, my dreams are filled with images of war, enslavement, and chaos.

The night before I signed that petition, I had a dream in which I confronted “Big Daddy Bush” as I called him in the dream, (the father of George W.) in the “Oval Office” and goaded him into shape shifting back to his true (reptilian) form. He was on national TV giving some speech and at that point in the speech, he was supposed to cry. I was standing just out of camera range and said, “Hey George, you’re not sad, you’re elated. What a big phony you are. Show ‘em what you really think ‘cause I know you can’t feel.” Then I laughed … I knew his game.

He took his eyes off the camera and looked at me. I saw the look of recognition dawn in his cold dark eyes as he remembered who I was. This seemed to totally enrage him. He eyes turned dark red and his body began to grow bigger and bigger as he went into morph mode. His hands changed to reptilian hands and then the rest of his body followed. He was just about to reach out and rip my face off when the dream ended. I awoke startled and afraid, feeling like I had just barely escaped with my life. Whew! But I had accomplished my goal; I had goaded him into exposing his true identity to the world on national TV.

I wake up disturbed most mornings now after a fitful night of sleep. I also wake up feeling despair as I ponder how close we are to total enslavement. I research and continue to investigate everything. I see, via our media, that several governments including that in the UK are now talking about a mandatory ID card (their next step in their plan to enslave the people of earth and the purpose behind this latest terrorist attack) that everyone must carry as part of the program to combat terrorism. The worst part is that people are buying it hook, line and sinker because of the US Attacks, in the name of national security and this new “war on terrorism” they have instituted. It won’t be long before another terrorist attack occurs, orchestrated by the same people behind the US Attacks (the Global Elite/Illuminati/4D Reptilians).

The next attack will be of greater magnitude and will further terrorize us into accepting their next solution, the “Chip” — the final step in their plan. If they get us to buy that one, we will be totally enslaved. We will have given up all of our freedoms and become cattle in a pen, imprisoned in a fence we cannot see, feel, our touch—an electromagnetic fence that controls our mind.

I see the agenda so clearly. They don’t pull the wool over my eyes. But so many others don’t see what is happening. As I view our situation from a 3D perspective, I get stuck in the anger and despair. I know there is no way out for us if we use 3D solutions. Reading that article I mentioned earlier, brought me back to clarity.

Terrorism (a form of trauma-based mind control) is the tool that will be used to bring forth this final stage in our planetary drama of polarity integration, a drama that is also universal. It is a group of 4D Reptilians trying to enslave the Humans and take over their world—an eons old drama that has been played out on so many worlds in so many dimensions.

Most of you who read this article are aware that we have entered a new phase in this planetary drama. The old rules do not apply, nor the old solutions. This new level of the “game” must be played with a different set of rules because this is a new kind of war–it is a war for control of our minds and our souls. Therefore we must respond in a way that keeps this from happening. I believe that our response and the tools we use in our response must be multi-dimensional. I believe that tool is compassion. It is the only tool that will work at a level high enough to not only free our minds and souls from the level of imprisonment we are already in, but also end the war and the planetary drama/game of polarity integration.

Why compassion you may ask? Compassion is the state of non-doing. This means not resisting what is happening, not fueling or energizing it with our thoughts and feelings so that eventually it runs out of steam and disappears. All these efforts to stop the war, to stop the mandatory card, are putting energy into the schemes for those very things. I get it now. We are fueling the war and the card and the chip with the energy we expend on trying to stop them! Oh my goodness!

When we have compassion, we can observe the situation, feel the fear, pain and anger of it all, but not respond in that manner. Instead, we respond by feeling and seeing the value of it all and by feeling gratitude for all the souls playing their respective roles on both sides. We feel gratitude because we know that there is pain in all these roles.

So we feel gratitude because we remember that as Souls and creator gods/goddesses, we are playing out a drama that we have all had a hand in creating for the benefit of our collective soul growth. We remember that soul growth is the real reason we are all acting out this drama on earth.

When we have compassion, we don’t feel the need to sign petitions, instead we feel the need to stay centered, stay out of the drama, not buying into the fear, with our eyes and hearts focused on the real goal.

So in this case non-doing means that we don’t react with similar energies to the drama. Instead, we respond with a different set of energies to fuel a different and higher thought form—the reality we wish to create. The reality we wish to create is a world that is free where all races and species can live together in harmony with a balance of unity and individuality.

In closing, when we use compassion we are still doing something; we are using the highest tool in the universe and the only tool that can end this drama because it can dissolve the drama at its core. We remain in a state of non-doing with the 3D drama while at the same time in a state of doing at a higher level, fueling the reality with our compassionate energy to create the world we so desire. This is playing the “game” and the multi-dimensional level. Now I remember.

In service,

Jelaila Starr

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