C-Virus Template – Special Update

Hi Everyone,

Have sone info that I felt should not wait till next Monday.

Been looking into this Corona virus trying to understand what it has to do with our current mission assignment.  Came across some very interesting info that when all put together gives us a much better picture of what is going on, and why we have been given this assignment. Below are the links to the videos.

Below are 3 sources, each with some of the pieces.  Please review them for yourself.

Dana Ashlie’s video on Corona Virus and 5G+ – https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=131&v=1oLllJ5sSZw&feature=emb_logo

Kosol Ouch/James Rink video on Corona Virus – https://youtu.be/vpD2HQqR__E

Magenta Pixie’s video on Corona Virus – https://youtu.be/eC4FQRHFOVo

Now, what are the pieces?  Let’s break it down by video.

Dana talks about the difference between the normal 5G in our WiFi and the new  5G+ is 60 gHz millimeter waves.  Millimeter waves effect the ability of hemoglobin to deliver oxygen to the body.  Dry couch, fever and no phlegm, shortness of breath are symptoms of too much 5G+. 

The world’s largest transmitter array  was recently built outside the city of Wuhan, China.  It is the size of New York City.  It emits the 5G+ frequency.  The main city of Wuhan where the corona virus supposedly began.  

Dana believes that the Corona virus was/is being used as a cover for the effects of the 5G+ that was literally killing the people.

The new 5G+ was also installed on the Princess Cruise line ship that supposedly saw an outbreak of the virus.  But, as in China, the people were experiencing dry coughs and shortness of breath, indicative of 5G+ influence.

She offered no solution but I don’t believe that was not the point of her video.  I feel her purpose was to provide info connection between on the 5G+ and the use of the virus as a cover up.

Kosol talks about how the virus is a mutation of its original form and says it has A.I. in it.  Fear/stress trigger it.  Will kill the person who has great fear/stress.

His solution is to raise our consciousness so that we can love more, no racism, etc.  Upgrade DNA to crystalline.  Says that the vaccine will not work.  Said that if we love the virus, allowing it to live in us and not fear it, we will not be harmed.

Magenta Pixie, speaking for the White Winged Council of 9 says the virus was not mutated originally but was later mutated for war purposes to be used on combat troops.  Loses its effect when released on large populations.

Solution is to raise consciousness and upgrade DNA to crystalline.  Crystalline DNA creates a protective shield or barrier. Vaccine will not work and will polarize ascension to one side.  

Now let’s put this together.

It appears that what has happened is that a rather mild virus has been used in China to cover for the devastating health effects of a newly launched 5G+ array.

Though it is a virus that was not originally mutated, it has been mutated into a bioweapon for use in wars on enemy troops. This is why President Trump is not concerned about the virus as it is and because we don’t have 5G+ implemented in the US now, it will fade come warmer weather as past virus outbreaks do.

But, if it is allowed to be weaponized using either A.I. (Kosol’s info) or through 5G+ (Anna’s and Magenta Pixie’s info), we could have a real problem on our hands.

It appears to me that the intent of the Cabal is to weaponize it and most likely use both means…

Avyon 2 Timeline Replay 

As I explained in our last call, I have a strong feeling that a virus was the catalyst for the A.I. invasion on Avyon 2. I also believe we are now replaying this event, but this time to a much more positive conclusion.  If that is the case, then we are in a good position to achieve that positive outcome and here is why.

From the pieces gathered, the problem is:

Vaccines will not work if it is weaponized with A.I. and amplified by 5G+.  And if MPixie is correct, a Cabal created vaccine will cause a person to polarize to one polarity.  I’m going to make a leap here and say that would be the Light since that is what happened on Avyon 2.  Polarizing to the Light is extreme oneness where no free will or individuality is allowed, i.e., the dark side of the Light. It would literally cause the people who get it to mind-controlled into accepting the loss of all rights and free will.  A compliant society that willingly becomes slaves.

From the pieces gathered, the solution is:

Raise consciousness and upgrade DNA to crystalline.

Crystalline DNA is based on a much higher frequency.  It is built through raising consciousness.  Raising consciousness requires changing one’s beliefs (programming) from polarized to integrated beliefs and clearing out the emotional debris in the emotional field, i.e., emotional clearing.

In the process of emotional clearing, if done using the thymus at the multidimensional level.  When activated at the multidimensional level, a person can actually change their DNA from carbon based to crystalline.  This can occur because the thymus has the ability to create the frequency of compassion. The frequency of compassion is so high it exerts the degree of pressure necessary to turn carbon in to crystal.

Note: The 9D Elders gave us the key to unlock the thymus’ multidimensional capabilities.  It is called the Formula of Compassion.

Not only does the Formula of Compassion cause the thymus to transform DNA, it also decrypts, recompiles and activates our 10 strands of scattered and encrypted DNA (aka junk DNA).

The Mission and Current Assignment

The 9D Nibiruans’ mission has been to assist humanity with the coming changes.  To accomplish this they had to educate us, give us tools and assist and support us in using them.  Then, guide us through the challenges and chaos of the finally days.

The mission began in 1996.

First they taught us about our history in this universe. By knowing where we had been, what we had done, we could better understand the future and how to make the correct choices.

Secondly they gave us a 9 step process to realign, reconnect and reactive our 10 dormant strands of DNA (DNA Recoding).

Third, they gave us the higher dimensional tools to activate the gland in our body that could produce the frequency can recompiles DNA .

Forth, they guided us to create templates for the mass consciousness grid to that humanity could unconsciously download and use through the assistance of their guides and higher self/soul.  Moreover a portion these templates were to set in place alternative outcomes to events that would transpire in the future, events from previous human worlds where the outcomes were less than positive.

Five, they have continually supported us in using these tools, creating a library of multidimensional information available on the Internet where much of it could be freely obtained. They taught us about our galactic history so we would know how we got here and what we needed to do to achieve our divine destiny.

Our current assignment was given in early December 2019.  At that time we were encouraged to begin holding Guide Communication workshops.  Two sets of workshops were held to date with another round set for March.

Just a couple of weeks ago, we were encouraged to offer the DNA Recoding Process and Keys of Compassion in a workshop, again by conference call.  That workshop is set to begin on March 11th.


It is my understanding that we are being asked to do these workshops not just to assist those who will be taking them, but to set in place several layers of templates for the mass consciousness grid.  Each workshop will have different people from various starseed races.  Each race represented will receive what they need for their people to use the DNA Recoding Process and Keys to transform their DNA based on their starseed genetics.

It is also my understanding that unlike in the past, the DNA Recoding Process can move faster due to the increased planetary frequency.  This means that people will be able to build more of that 2nd neural network (resonates with crystalline DNA) in a faster timeframe than before.

It was decided to do the Guide Communication Workshop first to help move the DNA process along more quickly because the individual would have access to their guides.  Better, clearer communication would help in working through the emotional clearing required to transform DNA through the thymus.

And just as important, understanding how to work with the Inner Child would help facilitate a smoother process because an individual would be working with his/her Inner Child through the emotional clearing.  A frightened inner child = major blocking.

The 9D Elders knew that a repeat of Avyon 2 was coming and were preparing us.  But they are not the only ones trying to tell us this as you can see from the links above.  The key is to realize this is a grand opportunity and possibly, just possibly our final exam.  Can we accelerate our DNA fast enough, can we reach the frequency needed to become impervious both to the virus and negative A. I. interference?  Can we reach the level of consciousness where we can turn an unwelcome invasion into a peaceful cohabitation where each species thrives without harming the other?

I’m ready for the challenge, how about you?


My call notes about the virus received 2/10 – https://nibiruancouncil.com/another-new-timeline-shift/

Nibiruans – virus was turned into a bio weapon.  Harp and negative part of 5G will trigger it to kill (Dana’s 5G+ wave.)

Cannot harm you if you have high frequency, etheric neural network built on higher consciousness and crystallizing. recoding DNA.  

Solution – Guide Communication, DNA Recoding.  Raises consciousness through creation of 2nd neural network, while, at the same time, crystallizing DNA.