Another New Timeline Shift

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to title this message, A GCR Timeline Shift, but any mention of the Global Financial Reset will attract the bots so I have to use other wording.  In any case, there seems to be a shift in the timeline–upwards–and it is due to something that may have occurred regarding the financial reset.  It has more to do with the order of events than the timing, but both may be affected.

There is also a message for all of us from “upstairs” about how we can best facilitate this change in our own lives.  Also, I’ll attempt to explain how this apparent shift ties into the subject of last week’s call.  It’s a big puzzle and I feel we have some but not all the pieces.  I’ll explain more on the call.


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Notes:  Received more pieces this morning that further connected the ones we discussed last night on our call.

Corona Virus Template – Return of the King

For the sake of this template, the following will be used to denote sides of the Universal Game.

  • White Hats = Light, Humans, the Masses, Right Wing Conservatives, Patriots,
  • Dark Hats = Dark, Reptilians, Cabal, Left Wing Liberals, Socialism, Globalism, Hive Mentality, Loss of Individuality, Extreme Unity consciousness
  • King = Christ or rather Christ Consciousness, free and sovereign beings, not slaves, responsible, mature, balanced use of logic and emotion
  • Christ or King consciousness is that of a sovereign being, not a slave.
  • Corona Virus = Bacterial/viral bio weapon created by the Cabal.  

Used by them to raise money and a last attempt to completely enslave via a nano chip in the vaccine.  

A person must be emotionally and energetically aligned (money fears, worry, anxiety) with the frequency of the virus to become sick. 

Happiness, excitement, and hope strengthen the immune system. 

Catalyst for breaking humanity free of debt slavery, return to king/sovereignty

Previous Timeline Trajectory vs New Trajectory

Until this past week our trajectory on the new timeline was that the GCR would occur and then later, perhaps many months later, the masses would be freed from financial enslavement via a debt jubilee.  

By handling impeachment is a manner befitting a peacekeeper ( measured logical responses with limited emotional expression meant to drive home points rather than inflame the other side, no name calling or pettiness) rather than in a immature, illegal and unlawful manner, the Republicans and current administration’s attorneys lawfully acquitted the president.  

On the past Grand Experiments, this did not occur.  In fact, the opposite occurred, the president was removed from office, supporters and members of his family were hunted down and killed or sent to “reconditioning camps.”

This defeat triggered a response from the Dark Hats—the unleashing of the Corona Virus.  At this time it appears they had a 3-fold plan:

1. Use it to gain much needed funding as many of their funding sources (wars, drug and human trafficking) had been shut down and their bank accounts confiscated.  

2. Use it to bring down the world economy.  To accomplish this they would use their propaganda machine (main stream media) to say that the virus is going to shut down stock market and crash the economy.  This in turn would enable them to come to the rescue by instituting a new money system using Bitcoin their digital currency.  This would do away with the new digital currency backed by gold/silver and run through the QFS (Quantum Financial System) which the Cabal has been kept out of.

3.  It would also serve as their last method to completely enslave the masses via the nano chip hidden in the Corona Virus vaccine which they would supply through the pharmaceutical suppliers.  This chip would tie people to a global computer (the Beast). Everyone would have to have the vaccine. It would be mandatory to buy or sell.  

Instead of “buying” into the fear, the White Hats would chose to do the debt jubilee instead.  Financially freeing the people would create mass joy and excitement around the world (return of Christ Consciousness).  This massive amount of joy would spread through the mass consciousness grid, acting as a natural vaccine to the virus.  

This is a better trajectory than the one we were on where the GCR would have helped some but not all and everyone would still be under the financial control fo the Cabal.  That would have been a replay of the Hunger Games in real life.  This way all the people are freed at once.  Those with currency would have more but the disparity between the haves/have nots would be more balanced.

Creating the Template

As with all templates, it is our emotions and choices that create it.  For this template we must decided to get off the GCR train that many of us have been on for years.  This train has chains and those chains are emotional and mental.  They chain us to pinning our futures on funding in the future.  Those chains keep us locked in a never-ending cycle of hope and disappointment, living in the future rather than in the now.  Moreover they cause us to pump fear, anxiety, and anger into the Grid, all of which the Cabal feed on.  

By choosing to break the chains we free ourselves from the control that the GCR had over us, a control that prevented us from using our divine creator god abilities to manifest our needs now.  

We create our part of the template by making the choice to get off the GCR train, and find the way to manifest our financial needs now.  To do this, you first have to be ready to do it.  You literally have to be sick and tired of being sick and tired of living on that emotional roller coaster.  Once there, the next step is to ask your guides to show you the way to manifest your financial needs.  This could mean a new form of work that you had not thought of, or perhaps wanted but could not find a way to achieve.  

The final piece is being excited, really excited even if you have no clue how it will manifest, but just excited about the possibilities.  Then start looking for the signs, they will be there.  (this is where the assignment to learn Guide communication comes into play.)

This response triggered a counter response from the White Hats which is to free the masses via a debt jubilee. Financial freedom makes the people happy and excited about their new reality and thus impervious to the Corona Virus, a natural vaccine.