Significance of the 9s and More

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So much good is happening now, seems like we have finally turned the corner.  Yesterday’s Super Bowl win by the Kansas City Chiefs was more than just another win, it had additional meanings as regards the Grand Experiment.  I’ll be discussing these along with how they connect to our current assignment of learning how to properly work with the ‘other side.”

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No Replay link.  Call notes are below.

In regards to the Super Bowl, the following info was given.

  1. The game was played between two teams, one representing the feminine (KC) and the other, the masculine (SF) polarity.
  2. Kansas City is located in the “Heartland” and is considered to be the “high heart of the dove” on the I AM America map.  As such it represents the thymus gland in the human body.  The thymus gland is the one gland that is capable of producing the frequency of compassion.  Compassion is the great neutralizer of polarity, meaning it dissolves any form of polarity, returning the energies to their raw state.  Raw state is unformed energy.  The Void consists of raw energy.
  3. The teams were not evenly matched in terms of physical abilities.  SF had several bigger and stronger players while Kansas City’s team has one outstanding, humble and heart-centered young quarterback.  Kansas City was the underdog in this game.
  4. The game somewhat mirrored the universal game of polarity integration in that one side SF  seemed to be winning at the end of the third quarter only to have the underdog energize  his team and lead them to victory at the end.
  5. It is my understanding that the surprising outcome of this football game is a foretelling of how the Grand Experiment will end.
  6. Attempts to stop President Trump and remove him from office has left our country divided.  And though this last attempt (impeachment) appears to be failing as well (we will know tomorrow), all the anger and hatred has left our country emotionally tired and drained.  And now we are told that the attempts will continue, the other side will continue to fight.  What we need is a quarterback President) to rally the troops, and with his heart energy re energize and help us find our strength for one last big push.  I believe the President’s State of the Union address tonight will provide it.
    If so, then just like with KC quarterback, Patrick Mahommes, the team will rally and move on to victory–with compassion for the other side/team.

Now to the significance of the 9s.

9 is the number of endings/neutralization of polarity  (Void)

Compassion is integration of two polar opposites

Compassion is synonymous with the Void and resonates to the number 9

Patrick Mahommes is bi-racial (integration)

54th Superbowl game (5+4=9)

KC fans are known within the NFL for their enthusiastic heart and support of their team.  They’ve been waiting 50 years!

A number 9 Superbowl played in the Heart land.  Heart land team wins due to their heart rather than their physical superiority.

Enormous amounts of joy release from the Heart land into the mass consciousness grid.

Unprecedented fireworks and celebration, people coming out of their houses to shout joy in the streets)  Happened all over the city.

KC wins the SuperBowl just as the President is about to win acquittal and then bring power elites to justice (4th quarter).