Branching on to a New Timeline by Holding on to Nothing!

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Adrenaline junkies are sure a getting a massive fix with all the happenings occurring as a result of the US Presidential election.  What drama! Whew!  For those living outside of the US, the mainstream media is already reporting that Joe Biden won … even though they cannot legally call an election, and even though there are still vote counts occurring.  You just can make this sh-t up.

But, in the midst of all this mania we are seeing our planet branch from an old galactic replay of a timeline on to a new one…a timeline we had not been able to create on the previous Grand Experiments.  And though we knew we wanted to get to this point, where integration can occur, it never ceases to amaze us at how crazy and yet, beautifully astounding that jump can be.

What I see with the news about the sting operation that occurred during the voting process, is how the president was able to hold on to nothing, so he could have everything. What I mean is that he chose to let go of the fear of  having the people rise up and revolt if he allowed the democrats win, leading to a possible civil war and blood in the streets, in order to have everything, meaning a massive victory.  The massive victory would come as a result of the sting operation that not only exposed the fraudulent voting, but also exposed those behind it.  And there is more.  We’ll discuss it all on this week’s call.


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Key 4: Hold on to Nothing & You'll Have EverythingHold on to Nothing and You’ll Have Everything

As we move through these times fo great chaos and conflict, being able to withstand attempts to manipulate us into giving up our beliefs is more important than ever. Why? Our world is on the brink of either reclaiming freedom or plunging into total enslavement. And where it matters most is in our relationships with those closest to us, yes, that is where the stakes are the highest because our hearts are involved.

How do we protect what we cherish when those we love pummel us with ultimatums? How do we stay true to our ourselves and what we feel is right when we are threatened with abandonment and rejection? It can be done with the multidimensional and god consciousness wisdom available through the 7 Keys of Compassion. In this workshop we will focus on the 4th & 5th Keys, Hold On to Nothing and You’ll have Everything, and Dancing with the Dark.

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