Another Positive Timeline Sign

Hi All,

It would have been great to give this post the title I wanted to give, 5G and the Wall, but the new even more sophisticated censoring that Google and others are doing prevents that. Either way the outcome is another sign that we are on the new timeline.

For those who may not be aware of the President’s latest tweet about 5G and 6G and his desire to see it roll out soon, that tweet caused a wave of concern, especially among those aware of the dangers of 5G.  But, as with many other things the President has tweeted, there is a hidden meaning and message.  Moreover, it is something the Nibiruans were preparing for way back in 1999 as it had to do with the Cabal’s plan to build their requisite frequency fence.

I’m sending this message out today so that you have some time to do a little research in order to understand what is really going on, and be able to participate in tomorrow night’s call, if you so choose.  I am so excited about the latest developments in this area and my heart is full of even more hope for our future than ever before.  Can’t wait to share it with you all.


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