A Call for Empathy

Hi All,

It’s been another amazing week with new events occurring in the fight to take back control of our world.  Seems we are in the phase where we begin the counter move (per “Q”) and during this time it may be hard to recognize what is being done for the public and what is being done behind the scenes.

I had been wondering what tonight’s call should be about.  As I was driving home from my morning errands the thought came to me to write about empathy.  “Empathy, that’s in interesting topic,” I said to myself.  In what way should I present it?  Sure enough the answer came in short order.

Once I got home I checked YouTube to see what interesting research videos I could play. The one caught my eye was an interview between Mark Levin and the founder Brandon Struk (spelling?) of the Walk Away movement.  For those just learning about this, the Walk Away movement is for Democrats who have awakened to the reality that their beloved political party has been taken over by a socialist (aka Khazarian) movement, and literally walked away from it.

What struck me about this interview was the first part where Brandon explained how he had become and continued to believe in that his political party was there to protect him and his rights.  He spoke of how the mainstream media supported that agenda and what a heartbreaking shock it was to find out just how much he had been deceived and manipulated.  I felt such empathy for him since, like many of you, I know how it feels to find out that those you trusted to support and protect you have done just the opposite.  As I sat listening–and feeling that pain–I knew this was the angle for tonight’s call.

As the effort to further divide America, and the world at large, reaches a crescendo the need for empathy, the need to understand how people can continue to support that which is deceiving them, even to the point of violence, is crucial if we wish to avoid civil war.  It is through empathy that we can relate to that pain, creating a bridge that allows for healing, a bridge that is impervious to the flames of division and hate.

Let’s talk about it further on tonight’s call.

Mark Levin on the Walkaway Movement


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