A World Unplugged from the Matrix – Update

Hi Everyone,

A quick update to clear up the confusion created by last night’s post, as well as, info for tonight’s call.

First, the call is tonight rather than last night.  I wrote the call info last Thursday and scheduled it for release today but then decided to send it out early.  I neglected to change the date before sending so my apologies for the confusion that caused.

Secondly, we are having connectivity issues with FreeConferenceCall.  The messages from them explain the reason: higher than normal traffic is overloading the servers.  Their suggestion is to start our calls either before or after the hour/half-hour.  Since we have a set time and day for a weekly call, and since many do not read the messages, just call in at the right time, it seemed it would cause more confusion to change the time.  What I do suggest is that you start calling in about 10 minutes prior to the call so that you can get in.

One other reminder …

To those asking, I am still open and workshops will continue!  What a blessing to be able to come together and learn by phone — from the comfort of our homes!  We have the following workshops scheduled for this week:

Guide Communication Booster – Tuesday, March 24th at 12noon

DNA Recoding/Keys of Compassion Workshop, Session 3 – Wednesday, March 25th at 12noon

Guide Communication Workshop, Session 2 – Thursday, March 26th at 12noon

All times given are in Central time.

So we are still moving forward and I am excited about the future.  We are going to be okay and I’ll explain more on tonight’s call.  Remember, call in a few minutes early so that we can keep the lines from being overloaded and you can get in!

Talk to you tonight,