Why Reunite with Family Now? The Higher Perspective

Thanks to all who wrote in response to last week’s message, “Letting Go Frees Money to Flow.” You really made me think about this whole concept of reuniting with family and why it is so important to do before we end this year. Several questions came out of those responses. Why do I need to reunite with my family, especially when I have no desire to do so? How will I know that I’ve cleared the necessary family issues, and last but not least, when is it okay to let go? Though the answers can be as varied as the issues, there is a higher perspective along with guidelines that hopefully will help you find your answers.

Why do I need to reunite with my family?

It’s my understanding that we need to reunite in order to work through any childhood/family issues before our planet crosses the galactic equator at the end of the year. At that time we will move through a field of high pro-evolutionary energy that vibrates literally thousands of times faster that we do now. This energy will cause us to quickly manifest whatever we are feeling and thinking both positive and negative. In other words, we will create heaven or hell based on what is in our heads and hearts. With that in mind, doesn’t it make sense that time is of the essence?

But why work through issues with our family? Why not other people? The reason is that they, as souls, are the ones with whom we have the most important issues to clear and therefore, the soul contracts and associated lessons to mirror those issues back to us. (They are mirroring our behavior and how we treat ourselves). Moreover these contracts involve the most challenging behaviors that we incarnated with in order to change. The most challenging behaviors require that we have them mirrored back to us on a daily basis and from an early age. Thus, our parents and siblings, along with any extended family living with us, have those contracts.

Going further, we have lifetimes of issues to clear; they are our fuel for ascension. As I have said many times, to realign, reconnect and activate 12 strands of DNA (which includes transforming it from carbon based to crystalline), we must achieve compassion. To achieve the type of compassion that transforms, one has to have something to transmute. We don’t transmute love and joy into compassion instead, we transmute anger, guilt, shame and all those other negative feelings. In order to have these feelings, and enough to sufficiently alter DNA, we must have lifetimes worth of old wounds. Emotional wounds come from interacting with others through soul contracts and the most painful are the ones that occur when we are children because we are still so open and vulnerable.

So why reunite with family? To work on the lessons that we determined were the priority for this lifetime, and get those done before we cross at the end of 2012.

How will I know that I’ve cleared the necessary family issues?

You will now you have cleared the issue when you no longer get triggered by those who were involved. You can look at them and feel appreciation and gratitude instead of anger and pain because you now understand the lesson they contracted to help you learn. Because you realize that you were the one who asked for and scripted their role, you have released them from blame and feel no animosity at all. You are at peace with that family member.

How will you know when it is okay to move on and no longer try to maintain a relationship?

You will know that you can move on when there is no energy/desire for a relationship. But … and that is a big, big but … there cannot be any residual negative feelings either. If there is, then you still have more work to do. You still have not fully recognized and owned the mirror, so to speak. (See the Formula of Compassion and Navigating the Stages of Emotional Clearing).

I have family members (5 brothers) with whom I feel like this. There are no issues between us; their interests and lives just seem to be going in a different direction so we have only the fact that we are blood related as common ground. And that’s okay. I’ll see them at family functions (if they show up). and we’ll make small talk. Afterward, I’ll hug them goodbye and that will be it. When I think of them, it will be pleasantly but when I consider trying to make contact there just won’t be enough desire to do it. I hope this example provides more clarity.

Now that my journey to reunite with my family is nearing completion, I am glad I did it. It’s been tough, but at the same time, very freeing. I’m freed from the pain of many old wounds, and also free of the guilt I had carried it for not trying to clear things up. Plus, I’ve gained both better relationships and a clearer understanding of what I still need to work on for ascension. So overall, it as been worth it.

If you are struggling with the idea of going back and reuniting, or having already made that decision, are slogging through the muck of old pain (it is rather like slogging, isn’t it?) I hope these explanations and guidelines will help. Remember we only have this one chance to get it right. It will be another 26,000 years before we get another. I don’t know about you, but I’m unwilling to go around this block again.