Where is Nibiru Now?

Last week’s update on Nibiru and our global future sparked a lot of interest and went viral in a matter of hours. Whew! (Don’t you just love the Internet?)

One of our readers, Bob Dahdaleh of Before It’s News responded to it with this link to a video showing Nibiru’s current location along with the suggestion to make it this week’s message. Good idea, Bob!

The sun acts as a protective barrier, shielding us from Nibiru’s powerful magnetic field and pull on Earth’s tectonic plates. If you’ve been following the sun’s activity, you are aware that it is emitting unprecedented massive solar flares. This is due to Nibiru’s strong magnetic core (she is like a huge magnet) creating pressure as she travels inbound from the south. If the sun, which is much larger than Nibiru, can be affected to so powerfully, just think of the effect Nibiru could have on our little planet (a fourth of Nibiru’s size)? That is the stuff that cataclysmic stories from our ancient past are made of.

It is my understanding that Nibiru’s fateful passing nearly 12,000 years ago was instrumental in the fall of Atlantis (the last portion) as a result of buckled tectonic plates. That event coincided with the biblical Great Flood. Known as Wormwood in the Bible, her later passing was part of the Exodus and was the cause of the fire that rained from heaven (space junk), and rivers that turned to blood (iron oxide), etc.

“Nibiru’s orbit pattern approaches our sector of the solar system from the southern hemisphere side on the June 21st edge of the system. It comes up through the ecliptic plane from southern side to northern side between the solar node ring of the asteroid belt and the solar/orbital node ring of Jupiter, but it stays firmly in its own elliptical orbit plane as it slices through the sun’s ecliptic plane in its perihelion arc over. It arcs up over the sun (perihelion) and comes back down on the December 21st side of the ecliptic plane and cuts through again back down to the southern side.” (excerpt from The Millennium Prophecy)

This means that as Earth continues its yearly trek around the sun, we will see Nibiru again in December as we are now, coming up on the Summer Solstice. But all we want is a glimpse at the most since something more could easily result in catastrophic changes.

As I have written several times since last summer, it is my understanding that we have earned a free pass (pun intended) this time. But, what that means is that we won’t get a full blown showing of Nibiru as so many feel is needed to validate their life’s work. Those who are making lots of money of “end of the world” preparation will find they have a lot of unsold products.

Additionally, a free pass means that we won’t be experiencing all the dreaded “end of the world” phenomena such as famine, death and death. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse will have to put their horses out of pasture and find another job.

I’m writing this because I feel videos such as the one I’m sharing here will go viral pretty fast and I don’t want it to cause unneeded fear and stress. So if you intend to share this message, may I suggest that you add to it a personal message. Share a positive message that you are grateful for the free pass and will continue to do your part (emotional clearing) to ensure it stays that way.