Where do we go from here?

For those of you who discovered the Nibiruan Council and myself as a result of my interview on Project Camelot, welcome to my weekly messages! Today’s topic is twofold … first a follow-up on last week’s message and an announcement of galactic proportions … yeah totally awesome! So, for the followup.

Last week’s message was about one of the 4 Galactic Wounds and a change in the plans for work now being done on healing it. the reason we work on healing it is because it, along with the timeline events from 3 other destroyed human home worlds, are the source of the prophecies about the times we now live in. this includes both earth changes and social/political upheaval. We do this timeline work because we believe that we can alter them. To alter them we must know what occurred before (the reason I was trained as a galactic historian). Next we must go to the location where each timeline is anchored and do the necessary physical and emotional work to create an alternate outcome. As with all thoughts and actions, that outcome would be anchored in the consciousness grid to be accessed at the appropriate time. There’s more to it than that and I’ll explain in an upcoming weekly message series on the 4 Galactic Wounds.

Back to last week’s message, I said that we had switched the workshop dates for one of the Maldek and one of the Avyon Two workshops. Sedona, part of the Maldek timeline location was worked on ahead of the Co. Springs, CO timeline. Chronologically, Avyon Two occurred before Maldek. I stated that I believed the change was due to something about to transpire that would cause the ancient events to play out as before as it was ahead of schedule. This meant having to alter our schedule to do our work earlier … thus the schedule change.

I also stated that I felt someone in the US government or military would take an action that would provoke China into taking action against the US. I received many emails letting me know that that may not have been accurate … yes there would be an attack but it would not be China doing it, it would be someone in the US attacking this country and blaming the attack on China. That is actually more accurate as it conforms more closely with the Maldek timeline. So, thanks for your emails … lets me know that people are reading the messages.

Now on today’s totally awesome topic with a little background first.

As I understand it, the 4 human home worlds that were destroyed all met their demise once they reached 5D, the Age of Light or Information. When all the hidden information was revealed the people were shocked. Feeling helpless, hopeless and angry, and without any way to integrate the information and move beyond it, they resorted to what they had always done … war.

Because we are replaying those events in the hope of making different choices, we must recreate similar situations to bring about the same emotional responses as those that occurred once each of these worlds reached 5D. We are at that point now on our current timeline. Why? The time of the whistleblowers is here. Whistle blowers are researchers who, with the help of the Internet and other sources are discovering the truth of what is really going on and are blowing the whistle to alert us all. But with all such revelations a degree of betrayal is felt. Along with the betrayal comes the fear and anger. Additionally, once we discover just how far reaching and huge the powers that be are, we experience the hopelessness and helplessness. I’ve seen many people leaving Whistle blower conferences feeling helpless and enraged. That’s exactly what occurred on each of those 4 worlds. The result, they did what they always did, they pulled out their weapons and started fighting. We cannot do that this time and expect a better outcome … we must use another way.

So where do we go from here? We must continue revealing the hidden truths but also provide a way to move beyond them.

That’s it for now … have a great week!