When Will Comet Elenin Return?

Comet Elenin seems to be getting a lot more coverage now; I get at least 2-3 email a week with new articles and videos on her. With the growing awareness comes growing confusion. The confusion centers around 3 main questions.

  1. Is Elenin a comet or a brown dwarf star?A
  2. Is Elenin Nibiru/Planet X?
  3. When will Elenin return?

In this week’s message I’ll address all three. Keep in mind that my answers are based on the Nibiruans’ perspective.

Is Elenin a comet or a brown dwarf star? 

Elenin is a small brown dwarf star. A brown dwarf is a star that never ignited into a sun. As I wrote in the weekly message, If we can Just Get Through September, though small, Elenin is still large enough and with enough magnetism to move Earth’s tectonic plates. Depending on how close she is Elenin could push and pull hard enough to create major earth changes including, but not limited to, earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes. Her presence near the sun causes huge CMEs that would hit our atmosphere and can widespread failure of our power grids. A comet would not have the magnetism and therefore not cause such damage. We have seen Elenin’s power when she came through earlier in the year causing the devastating earthquake in Japan.

Is Elenin Nibiru/Planet X?

Again I reference the weekly message on If we can Just Get Through September in which I answered this question, but since it pertains to this week’s message I answer it again. Elenin in not Nibiru.  But … it is part of the Nibiruan solar system. Nibiru … a large brown dwarf (4+ times the size of Earth) has the magnetism to not only disturb of orbits of planets it passes by but also to collect a host of comets, planetoids, brown dwarfs, and asteroids. They all orbit Nibiru and make up the mini solar system that is Nibiru.

Were Nibiru to appear as close as Elenin will be, she would be as large as the sun and we would feel her effects on a massive scale.

When will Elenin return?

That is something no one can pinpoint because planets and dwarf stars don’t move at a consistent speed. Why? Much like a car on the highway must contend with wind, rain, and other forces of nature, planets moving through space contend with similar resistance. These forces can affect the speed at which Elenin moves. So, we can calculate based on where she is now and how fast she moved from point A to point B but that could change in a matter of minutes. What I am told is to expect Elenin between late September and early October.

Additionally, as Elenin completes her transit around the sun, we will have several alignments meaning points in time when Earth will be in alignment with Elenin without the sun being in between.   This is why we are hearing of return dates in November and beyond. Remember Elenin is moving perpendicular to earth, coming up from the south, traveling up and arching over the sun where she will turn and begin her outbound journey back into deep space below us.

If you take photos of the sun right now you will see Elenin. She is there, now visible in the northern hemisphere. You may also, as a gentleman and Oregon has, see Nibiru and some of her moons in the background. Check out his video and photos at: www.youtube.com/blueskyg1

What we are seeing around the sun is the part of Nibiru’s solar system that is visible on the side of the sun. Pretty awesome!

As I have stressed and will continue to stress, the best and most effective preparation is emotional clearing. By clearing out the fear, we will not draw reasons to feel fear.

That’s it for today. Have a safe and productive week.