When Others Let You Down…

Happy June, Everyone!

Here we are flying into another month (at least it feels like that) and soon we will be at the one year mark for Mission Restoration.  Hard to believe that on the 14th it will have been a year since we began. So much has been accomplished including templates for events that we were told would transpire  such as the exposure  of the Cabal’s political and financial corruption, as well as, the pedophilia and satanic practices.  What’s even more amazing (at least to me) is that some of those templates were made within days of the initial events transpiring.  Wow!

But now we are into the next stage which is learning to use the multidimensional tools that were used to make the templates.  Of course the best way to learn is experientially, at least when it comes to multi-d concepts.  That means using the Keys of Compassion (the tools) on issues that need clearing and healing.

This week we will be working with Marie on her issue of being let down financially by someone she trusted.

On a somewhat related note, I’ve chosen this situation in part because of information I received a couple of days ago from “upstairs.”  If appropriate to share (I’m not yet certain of this) it could lead to another major leap forward.  Either way, this next call is shaping up to be a great one.

See you on Monday night,


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Call Notes

Dear Jelaila,

I have a situation that I’m going thru that could be helpful to others. I’d love to have help from You, Your Team & anybody else in our Compassion Group!

Back in 2012 I wanted to divorce my alcoholic husband. I live in Texas, my Mom lived on 40 acre farm in Iowa. My alcoholic sister, her husband and his 2 kids from previous marriage live in Iowa with Mom too. I’d told my Mom and sister that I’d love to move to Iowa, buy little trailer, put somewhere on farm property & finish up last 2 years of college so I’d have a way to support myself.  Then move from farm into my own place. Mom said Yes come on up. But my sister kept finding reasons why I couldn’t move up and took Mom to doctor to have her declared “mentally incompetent” and took over as Mom’s power of attorney. Basically, my sister turned her back on me when I really needed help. And she made sure Mom’s Will left her everything.

I ended up staying married cause I didn’t think I could support myself. Those were dark days. Due to his drinking binges my husband got fired from job, took early retirement, I filed for divorce.

I just feel so hurt that my sister sold me out for money. I’m sure she is mirroring back the ways I’ve ignored my inner child too. But I’m not over this yet.

Recently a friend who’s going thru divorce from alcoholic husband, has a loving family who is taking her under their wing, emotionally supportive and I’m feeling lost and upset my own family wasn’t there for me. I also had alcoholic father, Mom who didn’t allow us to feel any negative emotions, always think positive! My earliest memory as a child was OMG! What have I gotten myself into! LOL anyway that’s my situation and I hope you’ll pick this one! Thanks so much!