When Missions Change

Been receiving a lot of emails from people looking for help regarding their missions. Experience has shown me that when I receive several emails on a specific topic, and in a short period of time, that is a sign that I need to address it in a weekly message … per my assignment. *smile*. Since part of my assignment in this current mission phase is to provide support for earth missions, I’ll share what I’ve learned about them, using my own mission as an example.

Let’s start from the beginning …

Project Earth Shift – Phase 1

The mission I came to Earth to carry out involved creating templates to help earth succeed in her ascension. Hence the name “Project Earth Shift.” The purpose of this mission is to help humanity shift how it will respond to specific future events, event that will either make or break our ascension.

These future events (spoken of by numerous prophets such as Nostradamus) are in actuality events from ancient human home worlds that were destroyed. When worlds are destroyed, the timelines of those worlds must be moved so that the souls that were incarnating there can continue their evolution. (A simplistic explanation of a very complex process.) The above mentioned timelines, along with their major events that led to the ultimate demise of those worlds, were woven into Earth’s timeline. That means that these events, as prophesied, will play out in our future in one another, and to a conclusion either positive or otherwise.

To accomplish our goal, the Nibiruans knew they needed to make new blueprints, or templates, of how to respond to those events. As I understand it, everything thought and action is recorded is the mass consciousness grid of Earth. (Earth’s akashic records). When a group of people use the same belief to make a specific choice or take a specific action, that belief, choice and action form a blueprint (template). That template is now held in the grid.

Knowing they could not do it from where they are, they needed representation on Earth to do it. To this end they sent myself along with many others to accomplish the job. After 3 1/2 years of training, Phase 1 launched in the fall of 1996. We are the Nibiruans, Book One was written at that time and included what I had been taught up to that point.

Project Earth Shift – Phase 2

The template making was the “heavy lifting” part of the mission and was completed in 2006. That was the end of an entire phase. I experienced a lull that lasted about 9 months. But I was not bored because it was during those months that I wrote Mission Remembered, Book Two. It fleshed out the skeletal version of galactic history, and the ancient timelines recorded in Book One, provided greater understanding of the finer points of DNA Recoding while, at the same time, offering a greater perspective on starseed missions.

Additionally, it provided a living example of how multidimensional thinking is attained through continued use of the Formula of Compassion and other higher dimensional tools that the Nibiruans had provided.

Along with writing the book, I was busy with the promised rewards received for successfully completing Phase One. (Yes, there are rewards for doing a mission.) The rewards I requested for giving up my daughter and becoming an outcast, were getting my her back, along with the finances that would enable me to buy home; something I had wanted for a long time. Both promises were fulfilled.

Project Earth Shift – Phase 2

The next phase began in mid 2007 and continued to the end of 2012. The focus was on emotional clearing. We had to dump as much emotional baggage as possible before our planet crossed the galactic equator and into a band of high-vibrating pro-evolutionary neutrino energy at the end of 2012. Doing so would determine how easy or difficult the next step would be because whatever we carried into it would manifest exponentially, both positive and negative. Phase 2When ended at the end of 2012 … of course.

Project Earth Shift – Phase 3

Now having entered a new 26,000 year cycle, and with the aid of pro-evolutionary energy compliments of the (Photon Band), the focus has been on creating a new world or reality. This means that we must change our major systems, (financial, political, industrial, agricultural, social and ecological) since those systems are the infrastructure of a reality or world. Since the beginning of 2013 we have been feverishly working to build that infrastructure.

At the same time that we are changing our outer systems, we are also changing our inner systems, i.e., our beliefs and ways of thinking. We can no longer navigate through this new energy using outdated 3D thinking because it is multidimensional. This means that in order to navigate it we must begin thinking multidimensionally. In other words we must learn to walk in two worlds … be a 3D human with a multidimensional mind.

Phase 3 is about helping people learn how to live multidimensionally, as well as deal with the challenges of this higher energy and there are many. One of the biggest is that it is bringing everything to the surface that wasn’t cleared. And because this energy vibrates even faster, it is exponentially manifesting what is stuck. This, I believe is why we see an epidemic of mental illness right now. It also attests to the statement the Nibiruans made back in 1997 when they said that the day would come when people would literally be losing their minds. Needless to say my work includes helping people learn to how the body uses depression as a tool and how to work with it instead of attempting to medicate themselves into numbness.

Yet there is more: helping starseeds with understanding their missions, and to a small degree, writing about Nibiru and current events when needed. In some respects I feel that Phase 4 is as big a job as Phase 1.

In closing, as you can see from this example, missions do change. And there are lulls between each phase. There are even lulls between assignments in a phase. So if you are experiencing a lull, consider just enjoying the down time. Spend it doing things you love. I promise you (and I don’t make promises lightly), the pace will pick up soon enough and like the Nibiruans used to say to me, “You’ll long for those slow days.”

Until next time, be well and wonderful!

Jelaila Starr

PS–a new assignment: rebuild the 18 year-old Nibiruan Council website. Help! I need a template!!!