What We Can Do to Positively Impact Global Change

It’s Sunday evening, St. Patrick’s Day. Hope yours was a good one. Spent my day in reflection … not what I had expected being an Irish girl and all. Had my fun last evening celebrating my daughter’s 25th birthday. Can’t believe she is 25. Where did the years go? Guess that is what most parents say when their children reach the quarter century mark.

Back to the reflections … seems that things are rather quiet right now. At least that is how they are in this little corner of the world. Yet I know that much is occurring on numerous levels. In some ways it appears we are in the calm before the storm, but unlike most storms, this one is bringing many positive changes.

When I tune in for guidance, I keep getting the same message, “Just a bit longer.” Don’t know about you but I find myself struggling with impatience. It feels that we have been in this holding pattern for ages, waiting, waiting while the events that will bring about the changes are completed. And all of my questioning only returns the same answer, “Just a bit longer.” I have to keep reminding myself that Rome was not built in a day and neither will be our new reality. Much has to transform. It’s like remodeling a house in which every room must have something done. Unfortunately, we cannot move out of our world until the remodeling is done. No, we must remain and go through the process with it.

If you are like me, you want something to do, something that will help move things along. When I ask that question, I continue to get the answer I’ve gotten for over 15 years–emotional clearing. So, let’s focus on that for a minute. Emotional clearing is a very broad term. What exactly can we be working on that will have the greatest impact right now? When I asked that question, I got a very interesting answer. I was told that the work that will have the most impact right now is making peace. What that means is making peace with people for whom we still harbor anger and/or resentment. Of course this means being able to see the issue from the other persons’ viewpoint. I experienced that this weekend during the dinner with my daughter and her dad.

For those who have read my second book, The Mission Remembered, you are aware that I lost my daughter for the better part of my mission, about 10 years. That loss left me with a bitterness towards my mission, intertwined with anger towards Rick, my daughter’s father, for taking her from me. Although I felt I had released much of in the years after Danielle returned, there was still that part that I could not release. It was in a conversation with Danielle this morning that I found the perspective needed to finally release that last bit.

We were talking about how the years with her Dad, and having him so involved in her life had helped to become a strong woman — and she is! Danielle has definitely learned to use her masculine side. When it comes to men, she is much better at boundaries, taking care of herself in a relationship and saying no than I was at her age. In fact, if I were honest, I’d have to say she is at the level I was at 42 years old. That’s the difference in having a strong father figure in a girl’s life and not having one.

Hanging up the phone I finally understood what my guides had meant when in answer to my question of why I should let Danielle go to live with her Dad instead of staying with me, they said, “There are things that only her father can teach her.” I see now that my guides knew that I could not teach my little girl to be strong because I had not had that role model. But Rick, having grown up in a family strongly united by parents who loved each other, did have that awareness. And because I let Danielle go and was for the most part out of her life during the crucial years from 8 to 18, she was able to develop that side of herself.

Now I see the results; Danielle is happy, really happy with her life. She harbors no illusions about men (even though she is a Pisces) and does not require a man to support her or make her happy. And she has a plan for her life and is working that plan!

Her inner strength and sense of self comes from having a father who was there for her and let her know how much she is loved. Danielle didn’t need to go “looking for Daddy” in all the men in her lie. That need was already fulfilled. Yes, it was something that I could not teach her and now I understand and am finally at peace with it.

Back to finding peace, if there is someone with whom you need to find peace, just ask your guides to set up the opportunity and they will. Finding peace individually will create the same globally. Your efforts to find peace help create the collective template that will allow world leaders to do the same and by doing so, diffuse tensions that would have led to war. Makes sense to me, how about you?