What to Do After You Open a New Door

Thanks to all who emailed regarding last week’s message. It appears that there is some confusion as to when I will be done, which means closing the Nibiruan Council website. In fact, there was so much that I realized that I need to continue explaining how major life shifts occur. So, let’s continue the conversation.

Before I get into that, let me set your minds at ease–I am not done, not yet. I am still waiting for the sign to move on. Now, on to the topic. Again, in order to make this clearer, I’ll use my own experience.

When going through a major life shift (as well as a small one) there are signs that let us know. Last week’s message provided a good outline on that. Once we recognize that we are in the midst of a major life shift, and acknowledge it, the events meant to alert us will cease. Our guides are not done though; they simply switch gears and begin working on a new set of events/signs. These events/signs will carry us through that door we have just opened.

So here we are … an open door in front of us, but no idea where to go or what to do next. Most of the time we will experience a period of quiet. In other words, it will appear that nothing is happening; our guides led us to the door, we opened it, and there we stand. What do we do now? What we do now is enter and remain in our personal “Sweet Spot.” What I mean by our Sweet Spot is that place where we are happy and feeling good, filled with hope and faith that our guides are taking care of us. The Sweet Spot is where we are most empowered. We are empowered because when we actively emote happiness, gratitude and faith. (I visualize myself as a lighthouse, beaming forth positive energy.)

While in our Sweet Spot we are assisting our guides in drawing in the positive energies required to create the events that will move us through that open door.

Furthermore, we are not doing anything to impede their progress. We impede our guides’ progress by emoting fear and anxiety and worrying. These negative feelings can actually eat away at the energy forms they are creating for the events/signs. Now for the personal example.

Here is where I am in the process of moving on to my next step/major life phase. As you know I have already figured out that I am soon done with this work of the past 20 years. As I wrote in last week’s message, the Nibiruans are moving on and are alerting me to that fact.

Side note: Though the Nibiruans are moving on, they, like me, are not quite done yet; there is still the Global Shift to complete. Once that is done they will move on, leaving behind a body of work to assist humanity through the years ahead. More on that in an upcoming message. Back to the story…

Now that I recognize the door, I am in that quiet period and focused on staying in my Sweet Spot. Each time I fall out I see the evidence in about 36 hours. Yet, each time I get back in and stay in for at least 12 hours, I see positive results. I get little spurts of money, or a new connection is made; one that I know will be part of my next step.

Though I am focused on staying in my Sweet Spot and out of my guides’ way, I am not idle. I know that though it is out of my hands to see the next step, I can do something to support my guides in their work. I can give and be grateful.

Each morning I awake and focus and feeling grateful for something, something that I can emotionally connect to. It could be the sunshine that helps me keep my spirits up. Today it is having a wonderful older brother who calls to make sure I am okay. Regardless, I know that feeling gratitude is important because gratitude is a powerful creation energy.

The other thing I do is give. Whether it is taking warm blankets and towels to an animal shelter or cheering up an friend who is down, I am adamant about giving. Giving is important, during the quiet period, because it provides of energy of a self-sustained energy cycle that they didn’t have to create. For some reason, when it comes to creating the events for a new next step, it is more important that I begin that cycle instead of my guides.

So that’s it. Staying in the Sweet Spot, being grateful, and giving are the things that need to occur after you recognize the door to your next step. Hope this helps.