We are Watching the Flip Flop at the End of the Universal Game

Hi Everyone,

Following the latest intel is like walking through an emotional mine field, you never know when the next piece you hear will send you into an emotional tailspin. Finding our way through it requires not just the ability to research for truth, but at this point, for multidimensional truth. Why do I say that? I say it because I see it as we are watching a multidimensional plan unfolding and on numerous fronts and levels.

To keep our heads from exploding required the ability to view it that way and to do so we must understand multidimensional thinking. That is why this work was started 25 years ago. Not only did we need to place templates (multidimensional) in the mass consciousness grid, we needed to explain how to view reality from a multidimensional perspective. And now with how events are unfolding, one can see them in their true light if one can think multidimensionally. So here we are.

In regards to the “plan” it appears we are headed into what looks to be the most critical week of events so far.  We will see the most amazing flip flop in the universal game?  

Talk with you tomorrow night,

Replay Link: https://fccdl.in/CHfre1FAsm