Wayshower Training and Gridwork update

Had this vision last night that we are working on an energetic spider web. This web encircles the globe but its main points are anchored in the US. As I explain in the workshop, this is due to the fact that the US is the microcosm of the galactic community both past and present. Timelines from 4 destroyed human home worlds are tied into Earths and they are anchored in the US. This is why the US has 50 percent of all starseeds. They are in the US to work on their respective timelines …

Seems we need to continue our efforts. I am seeing that there are those that are most critical and those whose events will be a bit further down the line. I am informed that the workshops we already have scheduled cover the areas where work is most needed right now. That last piece of info was in answer to a question I had about why I seemed to have all the east coast scheduled but not the southwest or southern California coast. That makes sense in light of the fact that the timeline events of the 4 worlds are such that the remaining above mentioned areas will be last, closer to the end of 2012.

So, this is my urgent plea for those in the Northeast, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Delaware, these are the states that would be most heavily affected by a tsunami coming ashore around New York city. I hope you will take time to get the way shower training and help with the template/grid work needed to continue to help minimize this event.

On a similar note, just heard from a respected colleague that one of the last Hopi prophecies stated that when the oceans turn black that the time of the great changes are at hand. Does the oil spill in the gulf fulfill this prophecy? If so, we best get prepared!