Waiting for the Next Assignment

Hi all,

Again it seems we are waiting for the next assignment.  It does not mean that there is nothing happening, just that it is happening behind the scenes on the physical plane, and in the ethers on the spiritual plane. We will do general Q & A as we did last week.  I really enjoy the Q & A because it seems we often get  clarity on past assignments along with inklings of what is coming up next.

Looking forward to our call.

Speak later at the compassion creator call.


Call Replay Link


Call Notes

Topics discussed were:
The healing nature of 6G
Trump, Putin and Xi Ji Pang working together to bring us through.
Living through the end of a successful Grand Experiment: the blessing of the Baby Boomers
How celebrities caught up in satanism may very well end up revealing what happened to them, and help to awaken the young population that have been mesmerized and programmed as they had been.