Update on Earth’s 5D Timeline and the Global Currency Reset

It’s been 3 months since I began offering the mini-sessions at the request of the Guides. If you recall, I said I would do it until I received the sign that I could stop. So far that sign has not come … but what has come is greater understanding of why I was asked to do the free sessions, along with what the sign will be.

Earth’s 5D Timeline and the Coming Global Currency Reset

A 5D timeline is unique in the ascension process because it is the first one in which the people have a chance to become fully liberated. The reason is that an information grid (Internet) is established. Once the information grid is up and running, all things that have been hidden can be brought to light freeing the people from corrupted systems and societal beliefs that shackled them. This brings me to the corruption being revealed in one of Earth’s systems; the global monetary system.

As many of you know, a new monetary system based on asset backed rather than fiat (fake) currencies is about to be instituted. Before this system can start we must do a reset. This reset has become known as the Global Currency Reset (GCR).

I was told (by the Nibiruans) back in the early part of the year that my work would be done once the GCR is in place because a monetary system is the key component of any advanced timeline. (There must be an established means for buying and selling).

The reason I could retire is that their work would also come to an end. If you recall, the 9D Nibiruans (timeline healers from Lyra)have stated that the purpose of their interaction is to help bring about the changes. The 5D Nibiruans, of the Pleaidian planet Nibiru, have said their purpose is to prepare us to graduate and enter the galactic community. The 9D Nibiruans aided us through showing how to create templates for the grid that when activated would enable us to alter the timeline at critical junctures in the future. The 5D Nibiruans gave us higher dimensional tools to recode and reconnect our 12 strand DNA in order to regain full consciousness as galactic humans. A recounting of galactic history was also given by both the 9D and 5D Nibiruans so that we would know where we came from, our galactic past and our future.

The Nibiruans, both 9D and 5D, did not say they had any intentions of sticking around afterward. Once we show that we can move our planet onto a 5D timeline, establish new systems, steering them in the right direction, along with preventing a 3rd world, we will have graduated. At that point we will no longer need or cosmic parents.

I was informed back in January that it wouldn’t be much longer, but like all things on Earth, the Nibiruans know that they cannot interfere as it would violate the Law of Free Will. But, they can assist by giving us messages of what we can do to move ourselves forward. When it became clear that the PTB (Powers That Be) were hanging on much tighter than expected, the call went out for spiritual teachers to offer more assistance. I, along with my good friend and fellow teacher Nancy Joy Hefron, began offering free 15 minute sessions. It was explained that by giving people a chance to connect with their guides, important and often life changing decisions could be made. The positive energy of those decisions would enter the mass consciousness grid, providing much needed energetic support for the GCR. Hope that makes sense.

Free Mini-Sessions

It has been 3 months since I began doing the free 15 minute sessions (mini-sessions). Overall it has been good. With that said, I did not think I would be asked to continue into a 4th month, but that appears to be the case. So, I have agreed to continue the free sessions as my way of supporting the GCR.

For those who purchased additional session time, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. With so many people wanting just the free time, you made it possible for me to continue funding this work.

In closing, it is my great hope that we are about to see the new monetary system as that means we have completed one more task for our graduation. But until that time comes I will be here sharing the weekly messages and offering counseling, emotional clearing retreats, and tools/support for DNA Recoding.


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