Update on “Change the Timeline”

Many thanks to all who responded to last week’s message about the possible coming bank holiday. From the response it appears that more of you are aware of it than I previously thought. That’s comforting in a way because it’s never fun to be the only one sounding the alert.

I’ve received countless emails asking me to report not only on the bank holiday but also on other aspects of the new timeline we are all working on. I’d like to take this time to answer a few.

Is a bank holiday is part of the new timeline?

As far as I understand, yes, it is. The banks must restructure and this includes removing and replacing the current management teams. Those who currently control the big banks, (think Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, etc) are the bankers who control the Federal Reserve.

Will the Federal Reserve be eliminated?

As I understand it, yes and no.  It is my understanding that the Federal Reserve, or what’s left of it will be merged with the US Treasury. By the way, the Fed’s charter is up and it requires a congressional vote to renew it. That vote has not been taken yet.

Will we be issued new currency?

My understanding is that yes, we will have new currency. They will be US Treasury notes and from what I’ve learned, they are already printed and in the banks. Once they are put into circulation, you will simply exchange dollar for dollar.

Will there be bank holidays in other countries?

I cannot say for sure but it is possible. Being prepared may be a smart thing to do regardless of what country you live in.

Will Iraq revalue it’s currency?

Without going into a lot of detail, yes, I feel certain that Iraq’s currency will revalue. As I understand it, Iraq’s revalue along with the change in IMF policy regarding how currency is valued, will provide the foundation for the new global financial structure. Iraq’s currency, like the rest of the Middle Eastern oil producing countries was around $3 prior to the war. As is common, Iraq’s currency will return to it’s prewar rate. But, that’s not where it will stay, due to the IMF change from fiat (fake) to asset based currency, Iraq’s value will increase due to vast newly discovered oil and natural gas reserves. Many countries have purchased Iraqi dinar at bargain basement prices and will cash in (many for oil credits) once the revaluation is globally announced.

Will there still be a third world war?

As previously discussed, a third world war is part of our current timeline. If we do not shift to the new timeline we will see massive destruction on a scale that will boggle the mind. It is my understanding that we are almost past that probability. As I wrote last week, Iran is not backing down and with the help of her Chinese and Russian allies, she is standing firm against the US–while calling for a peaceful resolution to the crisis. Iran does not want war. From what I have read recently, Israel has been informed by Iran that should she attack, her status as a state will be removed, and she will be assimilated into the new state of Palestine. Reminds me a bit of the Borg in Star Trek. *chuckle*

Will martial law be called in the US?

As I understand it, if the good guys are behind the bank holiday, there will be no martial law. The reason is that they will also be in control of the media and will use it to inform the people of the reason for the brief bank closing. Yes, there will still be some chaos but with the support of the media, the good US military along with those of us who are aware, we can get through those days.

The Nibiruans tell me that if we get to the the middle of November without a war, we will have succeeded in avoiding the war because we will have shifted onto the new timeline. You and I are needed to do our part. As I wrote last week, get prepared, stock up and have extra on hand. The gift of a little cash, some food and an explanation of what is occurring will quickly calm the fears of those who are caught unaware.

In closing, spread the message of a possible bank holiday. Intend that it be for our highest good. Give thanks each day that you and I have been given the grand opportunity to participate in the greatest consciousness shift ever known.