Time Acceleration and Your Inner Child

Doesn’t it seem like only yesterday was October 1st? I don’t know about you but I feel the time acceleration is sometimes so intense that my emotional body just can’t keep up. There are days when I awake feeling scattered and unable to focus. Other days,along with the scatteredness, I awake feeling a deep sadness sitting on the periphery, waiting to step in.

For those familiar the turn of events in my personal world these last few years, you might say the looming sadness is attributed to my grief process. I have learned to tell the difference. The “time sadness” seems connected to my abdomen whereas the grief sadness is felt in my heart.

When I feel the time sadness lurking, I know it is a call for help from my Inner Child; she needs nurturing. If I take the time to go within and comfort her, I find my ability to focus and get on with the day’s tasks much easier. If I ignore her plea, I find my day tends to spiral out of control. Each choice is difficult to make with some causing such overwhelming anxiety (should I or shouldn’t, right or left?. Once I do make a decision, I flip flop because I’m so unsure. That makes those around me very irritated. Who can blame them?

The point is that when my Inner Child becomes emotionally overloaded with the speed of things, and I don’t stop to comfort her, I cannot get my bearings. Not only that, my bulls–t detector stops working which makes it nearly impossible to feel things out. And that’s not all, I cannot seem to connect with my guides so I am unable to hear their answers to my requests for direction … aaarrrgh! Yep, I’m a ship lost at sea without a rudder or a compass.

Now, you may ask, how does one comfort and nurture one’s Inner Child? Here are a few tips from the booklet, The Divine Partnership, the 3rd Key of Compassion.

1 As soon as you feel something isn’t right, immediately call your Inner Child and see what is going on. Ask him/her, “What’s up?” Your Inner Child will answer in pictures and thoughts. Once you figure out what he/she’s afraid of, ask your Inner Child this question, “What can I do to make you feel more comfortable?”

Sometimes the answer is that he/she just a hug or to be held, and the reassurance that you are there. When my Inner Child needs this kind of comforting I imagine picking her up and holding her close. She lays her head on my shoulder just like a flesh and blood child would do. As I imagine doing this, I physically wrap my arms around myself as though I am holding a child in my arms. For several minutes I rock back and forth very slowly as if I am rocking a child.

Afterward, when I put her down, I physically feel her relief as she smiles up at me. I feel this relief in my abdomen gut where I previously felt the “time sadness”.

Next, I call in my Soul and along with a fried from my Inner Child’s playground, (see the 3rd Key), I watch them both head back together, walking hand in hand. My Inner Child turns around briefly to smile and wave. The time sadness lifts almost instantly. I return to my day’s tasks feeling focused and balanced.

In closing, as we move through the days ahead, days that will be filled with unprecedented change, it is crucial to check in with our respective inner children if we want to remain grounded and focused.

I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me.