Threat of War: The Dark Serves the Light

After asking for inspiration for this week’s message, I awoke from an afternoon nap with an answer that happened to be about a topic that had been troubling me: the global reset/possible war. I’ll explain.

Each day we are inundated with more news about what Syria may or may not have done. There is also news about threats from other countries should we make good on our intentions. (When I say our, I am referring to US leaders, not US citizens.) I can feel the fear rising in my chest because I know that should all involved follow through on their threats, we will find ourselves in another horrifying world war.

What makes it all the more frustrating is that we are on the verge of a global financial reset that now appears to be delayed. This reset would have changed the monetary situation for the better for people worldwide. Though there are those who say the delay has nothing to do with politics, I find that hard to believe. The reason is that everything is done. Iraq is out of Chapter 7 and has money now, the new financial system’s software is tested and ready, the IMF has signed off and banks are ready. So if everything is ready, why hasn’t it happened? And why, just when the reset was to occur, do we suddenly find ourselves facing the possibility of another war?

The answer that came to me was that the threat of war with Syria has a higher purpose, and that purpose is three-fold.

  1. To be a catalyst for a mass awakening.
  2. To bring about the full disclosure of all hidden knowledge.
  3. To enable more of humanity to be active participants in transforming and sustaining all systems (not just financial), rather than a relative few.

Many years ago my guides made a statement that still rings true today. They said, “The Dark ultimately serves the Light.” Each time I’ve been in a frustrating situation where I feel disempowered by circumstances beyond my control, that statement gives me peace. What they meant is that those playing “dark” roles do so in order to help the rest of us make the changes needed for our collective growth.

So the delay with the new financial system, along with the threat of war are part of a bigger plan involving our spiritual evolution. (It all comes back to spiritual growth, doesn’t it?) It’s a plan we all created before we incarnated; the final stage of a grand game of integration that at its climax would have all of humanity caught up in it. That plan would culminate with either an globally awakened populace who created peace, or a world war (Armageddon) that ended with complete global enslavement.

When you look at it from that level, having these two extremes occurring simultaneously makes sense. I mean what good will it do to have a financial reset if it ends up only being a band aid because the consciousness of the people cannot sustain more?

The Big Wake-up is Happening!

As the Dark pushes forward so does the Light. Other countries, such as Russia, are not so blind and acting against convention, they are challenging the US leadership with the truth. At the same time, others not in leadership positions (us common folk) have stepped forward, often at great personal risk, to expose the truth via numerous articles and videos. Even some of the main stream media are sticking their necks out.

Here in America people who have been living in their comfortable little worlds, and whose only exposure to what is happening is the nightly news, are being shocked awake. I’d say the divine plan is working and if we keep going, it won’t take that long. I can easily imagine a time in the very near future when a great change of leadership takes place, and in the midst of earth shaking disclosures that will blow our minds. At that point we will have obliterated any thought of war; Armageddon will be another prophesy that didn’t come true.

And once we accomplish these things, we will have proven to the universe, and ourselves, that we have can fulfill our divine destiny as peacekeepers. At that point we will realize the rewards, a world of prosperity, harmony and peace.

In closing, regardless of what occurs, if we keep in mind that the Dark ultimately serves the Light we will be able to keep our wits about us as we move through the final days of this, our divine evolutionary plan.

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