This Phase is Over!

I had one of those dreams again; you know the kind where you feel you are literally being put to sleep. Some people call the download dreams because you receive a download of information. Sometimes the information involves a coming event. In any case, I had one last Thursday in the early afternoon. Was working at the computer when I felt the sleepiness and it was almost as if I couldn’t get to the couch fast enough to lay down-even the dogs cooperated, going to their beds and snuggling in for a snooze.

In the dream I was at a new age conference, not as a speaker but simply as an attendee. I walked the aisles looking at various candles, crystals and such when I overheard a woman complaining to the lady in the booth across the aisle from her. “I haven’t sold hardly anything this time, she said. This has been the worst conference!” The lady she was speaking to agreed; both had had disappointing sales. Listening, I felt guided to attempt and explanation so I walked over to the first woman and said, “The reason you didn’t sell very much is because it’s over; this phase is over. You won’t have to do this anymore! Isn’t that great? I felt such a sense of relief as I spoke the words, “it’s over” but she didn’t understand, instead, she just looked at me as if I were crazy.

Realizing my explanation had not been effective; I went over the other lady and said the same thing. She didn’t seem to comprehend either; my words were falling on deaf ears. The dream ended with me standing in the middle of the aisle feeling confused and a bit frustrated. I couldn’t understand why these women didn’t see what had occurred; why they didn’t sense that the timeline had shifted and this phase of spiritual growth was over.

The feelings were so intense when I woke up that I had to lay there for a while they settled. One thing I noted was that my statement about this phase being over was a certainty. I knew it because of how it felt in my heart. It was one of those hits of knowing that though you can’t prove, you are completely 100% certain is real. I’ve had these before, many times in fact, over the years of my mission and not once did they prove to be inaccurate.

Another period of limbo begins…

Last week I spoke of the timeline having shifted; I feel this dream was another confirmation. The question is, what do we do with it? And here’s another one, what does this completed phase mean for all those who are teachers whose sole means of financial support has been their mission? Do we now close up shop and go find a job somewhere else? I wish I had the answer but my sense is that it is too soon to tell. So that means we enter another period of limbo where we wait for the old to transition into the new. I know that I can pester my guides every day for an answer, some sense of direction, but it won’t do any good. They will tell me to take this time to be silent, reflect on the year’s work, and step up my emotional clearing. On that note…

Emotional clearing continues…

Though the phase has ended, we are still able to alter how the new reality takes form. The reason is that time will move even faster so any clearing that we do will quickly show results, taking form in the new developing global reality, as well as, our respective personal reality. We can quickly alter a relationship from adversarial to peaceful by releasing the anger and resentment we hold. I’ve personally seen this occur with my clients. Once they can see their part in creating the conflict, they are able to release the blame and thus, the pain. The other person then feels it energetically and changes becoming willing to see my client’s side of the issue. Apologies are given and received, healing occurs and love is restored.

Use a liver cleanse!

I know I go on and on about a liver cleanse, but it is the fastest way to begin clearing old anger, especially when we aren’t able to access it consciously. And it is healthy because you are cleansing your liver. What a win/win, eh?

In closing, though limbo is uncomfortable, at least this time we can enter into it knowing that the years of work and sacrifice are over and what manifests now will be the beginning of a reality we have long awaited.

What’s your take on things?

Did you feel the shift? Do you feel that this phase is over? Do you feel you are entering limbo? I’d like to hear your take on it.