The Way Out of 3D: A message to the Indigos

Finally upgraded to an IPhone. Yep, took the Apple plunge. I felt it would help me do more with social media as in make it a bit more fun; I’ve been pretty lax in that area.

Began posting more on Facebook and this week I asked for suggestions for a topic. The answers were well — interesting. Surfing through the requests, I found myself feeling disturbed; they were not what I expected. I thought I’d get a lot on emotional clearing the topic I write about most, but there was only 1 request for it. Quantum jumping and astral projection got the most requests. Who da thunk?

Put my new toy (I mean phone) down and went on with my day. Several times I tried to focus on the weekly message, but try as I might every topic I came up with left me uninspired, and still feeling unsettled. Finally around 6pm I figured out why. My sudden decision to ask for topic suggestions was inspired by my guides for a specific reason. I’ll explain.

Quantum jumping and astral projection, though wonderful are being promoted as techniques to get out of 3D and they can derail a person’s ascension. The Guides have become so concerned that they wanted me to write about it. The segment of lightworkers, starseeds and walk-ins most affected are those under 40 years old and a specific starseed race; the Indigos. Of course, most of them are under 40.

Perhaps it’s due to the numerous movies and TV shows about multiple realities and how we move into and through them. Regardless the message being sent is that using these techniques is a way out and a more subtle message is that they can be used for ascension. Consequently, many are focusing on learning to use them instead of doing their inner work, their emotional clearing.

As I said, this concerns our guides because they know that though we can use these techniques to ascend that is not the way it was to be done. Ascension through integrating the light and dark, i.e. emotional clearing, is the plan for Earth’s ascension. The reason is that we tune to alternate realities based on our current state of consciousness. That means that if we are still at war within ourselves, we will only be able to tune to other timelines and dimensions that resonate with that. It’s a safeguard put in place to ensure that lesser evolved races don’t create chaos in realms where the souls have worked hard to create their harmonious worlds. This was revealed to me by the 9D Nibiruans during mission training back in 1996 when they were teaching me to timeline travel (remote viewing).

To go higher into more peaceful realities we had to alter our DNA. To alter our DNA we had to integrate the things we judge as dark and bad. We must find value in them and honor their right to exist as part of process of soul growth . We must find peace in our hearts and that peace enables us to create a peaceful world reality. That’s why the Nibiruans have focused so heavily on emotional clearing. They knew from experience was that the only way to move into a better timeline or reality was to fully embrace the current one. That is not an escape, rather a calculated, heart-centered move.

Using mental/intellectual techniques appear to come naturally to the Indigos and people born since the early 1970s. They just seem to be wired for understanding multiple realities and quantum physics. Where they struggle is with emotion. What the Guides were trying to show me was that we were headed for another major derailment such as occurred from 2002 to 2007. A number of lightworkers, starseeds and walk-ins were successfully derailed from their missions by a dysfunctional money belief (If it’s spiritual it should be free.) that had been subtly seeded into the spiritual community years before (If it’s spiritual it should be free). This belief contributed to thousands of good-hearted people to ende up burned out and broke. Many lost everything.

Needless to say they were unable to continue their missions and even if they could, they were too broken-hearted, disillusioned and bitter to try. With less than 2 years till our planet crosses the galactic equator and through that field (Photon Band?) of energy emanating from the galactic core, we cannot afford to have another mass derailment.

Fo all those who eagerly answered my request … thank you. This message is not to find fault, but rather to gently and lovingly call attention to what could cause you to get derailed. The “Powers That Be” want you derailed. They know the powerful mental and technological abilities you possess. Derailing you with desires to move among the dimensions — they know you’ll find that hard to resist–is the best way prevent you ever being able to complete your missions. You are too precious to lose!

Remember, requests for peace, harmony, love, and all other good things are delivered to the dimension, planet and timeline in which we are physically incarnated. Moreover, they find us by the signal our firmly-anchored hearts emit.