The View From Above

Decided that this past Saturday would be the day that I visited a state park that I’d been wanting to see for at least 10 years. The park is along the hills overlooking the Missouri River. One trail takes you up to a ridge where you can view the river and the delta lands. I took the dogs and we hiked up the trail. There’s something about being high up where you can see for miles. It seems to clear away all the heaviness in the heart and you feel as if you can breathe, really breathe…

Weston State Park, Weston, MO

Being up high has another almost magical power, the power to put life’s challenges into proper perspective. Perhaps it is because when we have such views, we are closer in thinking to that of our Guides…

As I stood there looking across the vast acres of delta land to the hills on the other side, my cares and concerns seemed to fall away. I acknowledged that my concerns, both personal and for humanity, were in many ways due to forgetting to view them from the higher perspective. And in that moment I had the sudden realization that what I was perceiving as alarming levels of increasing chaos and madness were in fact, evidence that we were succeeding.

All at once I realized how blessed I was to know this perspective (that we are living a replay of a game for collective soul evolution) and know that what we are seeing now is longed-for proof that we are getting it right this time. I was also grateful because I have been blessed to know how to recognize that proof—and share it with those who are ready to see it.

As I began my descent to the trailhead below, I felt as if I was descending back into 3D, but this time I was not taking the fears that I had carried up with me. I want to share this proof with you so that as we maneuver through the coming days of increasing chaos, you can regain the view from above when needed.

Talk with you tonight,


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