The Tide Has Turned!

Hi All and Happy Mother’s day to all you Moms!

Its amazing how much can change in just one week.  As you recall, we took last week off because we were informed that we had come to a point on the timeline where stepping back and waiting to see how things played out was prudent.

Well, we did and they went just as we had hoped.  Here in the US, people are standing up, businesses are opening in spite of the unconstitutional demands of certain state officials.  People are losing their fear of being fined or arrested as they see how those who were brave enough to go first, are being assisted.

In one case a woman who owns a hair salon in Texas, defied the stay at home order and opened her shop. She was fined, arrested and sentenced to 7 days in jail.  The woman was released and her fine paid by someone else.  A “GoFundMe” account was started and several hundred thousand dollars were raised to help her.  Needless to say, it was far more that what she would have gotten on unemployment.

In California people are peacefully protesting with some protests done right on the beach where people are driving along in their cars, flags proudly waving from their truck beds and car windows.  In Pennsylvania, the shops in one small town decided to open up and guess, what?  They are still going strong.

These are just a few examples.  Soon we will see more and more shops reopening and people disregarding the unconstitutional mandate of government officials whose intentions were not really about helping the people.

So, yes, we have turned the corner and this universal game is going to end in not just a successful way, but an amazingly unprecedented way.  If we are already, we will become the talk of the omniverses!

Talk with you tomorrow night,


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Call Notes:  The Template for Obama
We did a template for former president Obama.  He is about to become the Cabal’s scapegoat and sacrificial lamb.  As I understand it, he was born into the CIA through his mother, whom I believe is also a CIA operative.  He never had a chance at a normal life.