The Syria Connection

For those of us working to hold the point of compassion while still following the events that are transpiring, it is hard to keep our balance when events occur that seem to defy logic.  This message is intended to bring clarity and restore our sense of peace as we continue on.

As those who have followed these messages for some time now know, when the Nibiruans weigh in on a particular event, they do so in order to help us.  That help is both to see what is really going on both on the surface and within us as event is ultimately a reflection of our current state of consciousness..soemthing we need to see, heal and release.And over the last 20 years that I have been working with them, their words have rung true. For example, when 9/11 occurred, the Nibiruans in their Perspective message helped us to determine the real culprit, yet, at the same time, choose how to turn it to our advantage.

In the years since, we have advanced technologically to the point that the Internet is our go to source for information.  In many ways you could say that it has truly put us in the 5th dimension as it pertain to being an Age of Light (Light= information). Because we now have a place to go to find out what is really going on, the Nibiruans don’t feel the need to share as often, but when they do it is because it is we have reached a critical juncture.

Now, when events occur, they will lead me to the sources that have the information that meshes with theirs.  One of those sources, (possibly the best one) is Steve Pieczenik.

The Nibiruans stated a few months ago that Donald Trump was not only the right soul for the job, he had spent many lifetimes in preparation for it. (That would make sense in light of the fact that this is the time of in which we could very well end up in a world war that could destroy our planet.)  The latest event is one that the Nibiruans feel could either move us forward to take us completely off course should we allow that to occur.

US Attack on Syria

The Internet is buzzing with news of the latest major event: a US strike on Syria. Many are saying that it will lead us into WWIII. While main stream media cheers President Trump’s actions, his loyal supporters are left scratching their heads as to why their president would take what appears to be a not only a radical and miscalculated step, but one that could possibly lead to political suicide and return to Globalist control.

When I learned of the strike on Syria, I like many others, was very disheartened. I believed President Trump had fallen victim to the wolves that surrounded him and they had led him astray. Following both main stream and alternative news sites I became even more confused. The very people who had been shouting to impeach or kill the president were now applauding him. What?!!

That night I spent lying awake, my heart in turmoil; I felt that everything we had worked for was hopelessly lost — we were going to fail for the third time! I’m sure I was not alone when the tears flowed freely as I prayed that night for our nation and our world.

Though I would not have expected it, I woke the next morning with hope in my heart thanks to a message I received upon waking, “Its not what it seems. Stay open to another perspective.” Lo and behold that perspective was provided, not by just one person but by several.

In short, the strike on Syria was not about what the main stream media, and to some degree the alternative news, was and still is, reporting. As you will discover, the strike on Syria was not about starting WWIII, but a move designed to among other things, help prevent it. If a soul is to play the role of bringing America, and the world, through the most chaotic and tumultuous period of human history, that person must have the courage to risk political suicide when needed.

It is my hope that after viewing the video, you too will find that all is well and we are moving forward to the bright future that awaits us.


Steven Pieczenik interview.


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