The Showdown We’ve Been Waiting For

Hi All,

If  you’ve followed the news regarding the US president’s option to activate the military, and the Cabal’s response, you know that we are about to witness a showdown.  The most important question is the response of the American people.  We will have a choice regarding which leader we choose.  Disinformation will be rampant and discernment and research will be our most effective  weapons.

It’s also a time when the pent up pain from weeks of fear, now triggered by the showdown, may very well emotionally unhinge many.  For those of us who are aware of the higher perspective, and therefore can remain calm,  will be called on to help bring comfort and clarity to those around us.  How we do this can make or break the ability of others to use this time as a wake up call.  How to respond, based on the showdown that is coming, most likely this week, will be the topic of this week’s call.

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A possible confirmation sign on Some of the info discussed on the call.

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