Keeping It Together When All Around Us Is In Chaos

Hi Everyone,

Hope you had a good week and something positive occurred in your life. Seems many of us, who have the higher perspective, are spending our days in relative calm considering the insanity going on around us. For those who were made aware years ago of the coming events, I believe being able to live through them in this manner is what we had hoped for, strived for and sacrificed for. Isn’t is a strange experience…like observing the chaos and destruction occurring around us while being in the calm eye of a hurricane? How will we ever be able to fully describe these times to future generations?

Yet we still struggle to some degree and that struggle is to remain in that calm and serene space. Just a quick glance at my Twitter feed can easily dislodge me from it. Being able to talk with my guides has been the best tool; through those talks, I am able to return to that peaceful space, quelling the fear that had so quickly welled up to engulf me.

Being able to find that space again after being triggered by fear something that everyone should have access to, especially during these times. I believe it is why we were guided the two rounds of Guide Communication workshops back in January and February. They created templates for the grid so that everyone could better access their guidance, even if they only experience it as intuition or hints and nudges. In my experience, the guides don’t care if you experience their communications as coming for God, Allah, Mother Mary, Jesus or St. Germaine, etc., what matters is if you receive it and act on it. On that note, I feel it may be time to schedule another workshop so if you are interested, send me an email. I may schedule this one on a Saturday at 10am (CT).

This week we will chat about where we are in and how to regain your balance when you get triggered by all the chaos. I feel it is so critical to remain as balanced as possible so that we can come out of  this period ready to assist with the restoration of planet Earth. We will be needed right away so we must have our heads on straight.

Talk with you tomorrow night,

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