The Power of Gratitude

For those of you on my Facebook page, you know I did a 30-day gratitude challenge. I wanted to see how my life would change if I focused each day on something to be grateful for. I began the challenge on December 22, 2015. Though there were many small blessings, some were pretty big. Here are the ones that really stood out.

An awakened family member – Like most people on the path, we find ourselves without any family members who are awakened. I had long ago let go of the hope that one of my family would awakened. Well–that changed in early January when my brother Tom (not his real name) experienced his spiritual awakening.

Reconnected with my daughter – With the death of her father a year ago, life has been challenging for my daughter Danielle. Trying to guide a child who finds herself thrust into the role of an adult, complete with the responsibilities of owning a large home and her late father’s business, has not been easy. Just before the holidays Danielle decided that she needed to try steering her own ship for a while. We parted ways and I didn’t hear from her all through the holidays. It was tough but I was determined to give her space. On January 20th she called me and we worked things out. Sometimes as parents we have to step back and let our kids sink or swim on their own.

Two new roommates – As many of you know, I bought my home with the idea that it would be my office and I’d live in part of it. That means when the bedrooms are not used for workshops, they are rented out. Two of the rooms had been vacant since September. Both were rented in early January and to wonderful people, one of which is a long-time client. Having someone here who is awakened is a real blessing.

New investment opportunity – Like my father before me, I believe in investing for the future. Consequently this interest has developed into sharing opportunities with a group of like-minded friends; we’ve become a family of sorts. Back in October I received an email from one of the group but did nothing with it since I didn’t have the time to research it. Just after the first of the year I got the feeling to call one of those friends; we hadn’t talked in several weeks. During that call I was reminded of the October email. This time it clicked. Long story short, I had limited time to get on board because the window was now closing. At the time, I didn’t have the extra funds, but I knew if this was something for me to do, not only would the funds be provided, I’d receive confirmation, a sign.

Further investigation revealed that I’d need to join together, with 3 other investors, pooling our funds so that we reached the required amount to make the investment. This pool was nicknamed a micro bus or bus. The funds manifested as the windfall I will write about next. As our group leader stated, I barely got in under the wire.

A review of my journal for late December revealed a dream I had had. In the dream I was running to get on a bus. Jumping aboard I sat down on the last available seat. There was my sign–sown ahead of time. Pretty cool!

Financial windfall – It was clear that my guides (which now included my dad) were sending this investment opportunity to me because I was given a financial windfall. Dad had left a substantial amount of money be used as my mom’s emergency fund. With our mother’s passing last year, the fund had just been sitting there. Out of the blue, my older brother Tim, (Dad’s executor) decided it was time to distribute those funds. I received a check that covered the investment with money left over.

So does focusing each day on gratitude work? I’m 100% convinced that it does.